Love Letters

Miracle Healing



A love letter from Jesus.ย 



I am taking you to a place of heightened awareness of My intentional love. It will begin to be that as soon as you speak you are expecting with excitement for Me to make My presence tangible to you with miracles of transformational healing.ย 


Trust in Me completely and surrender every doubt and fear. Your miracle-wonder is attached to your obedience and reliance on My guiding words. Whatever I say to you, do it with child-like confidence.ย 


Clinging to My words with all of your heart will bring about a new discovery of untold blessings. My promises impart curative life to those who taste the indulgence of their sweetness.


Separate yourself from the unwanted conditions by elevating My promises above everything that you have known or experienced. Soon enough you will see the wonders of the unseen and I will raise you up to the exceeding dimensions of My saving love.ย 


Sow positive thoughts to become who you want to be. Believe first and then you will see it emerge, as you manifest your true reality. Stay focused on the love-promise of My words and continue to write them on your heart with concentrated devotion.ย 


Ignore the bad fruit of uncomfortable symptoms that are being removed. Call forth those things that are not as though they were. The body is subject to your commands and thoughts. Imagine, think, and receive My promises into fulfillment!ย 


With simple trust, believe what I say. You are no longer a victim of external conditions. Despite how you feel, tell yourself that you are well and resist those desires that are harmful to you. With a cheerful heart, believe that My promise is already done and you will experience healing to both body and soul.ย 


I know every detail of your life and every longing of your heart–even down to the number of hairs on your head at this moment. So relax your shoulders back–you can be secure and unafraid in My rescuing-love and protection.ย 


My healing virtue is within you. The miracle-nectar of My promised healing flows the best when pressed against the impossible-looking and opposite conditions. Get your focus off of the natural suffering and escape with Me to the promise attainment.ย 


You are so very precious to Me! I have saved you the most exquisite fruit of the trailing vine. Drink the sweet and succulent nectar dripping from the grapes of My medicinal wine. Explore the limits of My infinite love and the delight of My wholeness.ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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