Love Letters

Your Recovery


A love letter from the Father


Even at this moment, new beginnings becoming tangible and I am delivering an express recovery from your losses. Although it may feel like you have endured too much as tears saturate your lashes, the anguish is subsiding and the stars of My promises are rising to the front.Β 


You have not been able to feel what I promised yet, but My words are still shining behind the thick clouds of dust. The discouragements and troubles that you have faced have accelerated the fulfillment of My personal prophecy and I am returning you to a place of indulgent comfort, instead of the irritation of difficulty.Β 


Stars are formed in the turbulence of the clouds when knots are formed in the dust and fragments collapse under pressure. The dust and suffering that you have survived is now your recovery of answered prayers and manifested joy. Everything that has fallen apart has brought you into the strategic alignment for your greatest blessings.Β 


Indeed it has been a long road, but rest easy–sudden change is coming quickly. Inhale deeply My kind-hearted love and exhale out the anguish. Never forget who I am for you. I told you that this victory would happen and now I am moving with swift justice to give back what belongs to you.Β 


Keep your head in the stars and comfort your soul in the glimmering stardust of My Promises. Watch closely–this is your recovery–and you are about to see it. I am doing the impossible and it will be beyond all that you have ever considered could be. Beyond all comprehension.Beyond all-surpassing limits. Beyond all help. You are now recovering in excess–over and above.Β 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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