Love Letters

Wonder in the Details


A love letter from the Father. 




Don’t give up on this fascinating moment of a promise fulfilled. My love for you is never-ending and there are wonders in the details of My intentional demonstration of Fatherly love.  


See the wonderful things that happen as My manifested love displaces every worry. Let go of the pain of those things that you fear and give them to Me. I will do the very best for you to deliver the opposite of what you dread. I will keep you safe and protected in My love so that you can breathe freely again.


Everything will turn out very good and I’ll give you the best of care. Trust in your prayers and believe without a shadow of a doubt that you have made it into fulfillment. Do not move away from the secure waypost of My promise. Keep your attention on all that I have said to you and use thoughts of hope to stop the onslaught of negative thinking. 


Go somewhere else mentally and fly above your fears, like a carousel horse suspended in the air. It is all within you! Reach into the dreamy place and draw forth the desired attainment. Think that you are in the answer to your prayer. Keep your focus on the desired prayer outcome. It will be done as you believe and you will enjoy rest from every adversary and trouble.


Come from the outcome, as if your desire has already appeared. Imagine it as done and conjure up a childhood dream into fulfillment. With simple trust and reliance on My power come away now to explore the colorful merry-go-round of relaxing in My personal promise. 


My cherished one, I love you so much! I am you giving you extra comfort–and more than enough. I have given you an abundance–an unsurpassed ocean of love–you do not need to feel impoverished or depressed about your troubles again. 


I have prepared this new chapter to be very special. You will smile from relief and sit comfortably with above and beyond your biggest hopes and most treasured dreams. You can rest fearlessly in the answer to your prayers. This is a promise from Me to you with the kindness of My intentional love, like a carved wooden carousel horse galloping on the air. 


I know every detail of your heart desires, exactly as you have dreamed them and I have personally sculpted a miracle for you from nothing into something wonderful and good. With elaborate detail of intricate jewels and multi-faceted colors, I will now amaze you with a dazzling new story that perfectly demonstrates the plans of My prosperity, adornment, and love. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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