Love Letters



A love letter from the Father.ย 



Although you have walked through painful things and even still it seems like you have to push through the hard-packed ground. I am telling you that those days are over and now you are being rebuilt with My goodness. Some of the most beautiful creations are grown in the dirt. Donโ€™t feel overwhelmed by the heaviness of your difficult conditions.ย 



You can choose to plant a seed of trust or a weed of worry. You will experience what you plant. Whatever a man sows, this and this only is what he will reap.ย Like a seedling sprouting up, break out against the opposing conditions with miracle faith that is powered by thoughts.



Make a decision to trust in My love and believe that I have no desire to humiliate or hurt you. Resist thinking about what you fear. Whenever a worry comes to mind, replace it instantly with a promise.



I have given you a promise for every painful moment. Let go of the way things have been and I will teach you a new way of thinking. To everything, there is a season, and living in lack is no longer a place for you.



Step beyond the fear and tell yourself that you have it. The new blessings of your life will require you to practice an abundant mindset.ย Stay rested in your promise and meditate on it all day long. Act as if the promises are real and they will become a dream come true!ย 



Let everything that you do be motivated by My favor and unconditional love for you. What is there to hurt you when you are enthusiastic about expecting good? The outcome that you are hoping to see will be better than expected and sooner than you suppose.ย 



Do not grow weary or become discouraged, but keep your faith and confidence lifted up. Before you are even aware, you will see the bloom of fulfillment filling up like sunflowers in a row. Think from your promises as they come to the surface. Keep focused on the goodness of My vow, like a plant growing past every pebble and obstruction.ย 



You are free! Believe it has already been done with absolute assurance. Submerge your imagination in feeling that you are living in the fulfillment of your promise. Oh, the joy–to be finally free! Exhale out the stress as you relax it into being. The moment that you believe, it will be done.


All things are possible–never forget! No longer allow yourself to be restrained by fear-based thinking. As you lean into My love with confident faith and adhering trust, you will thrive with an abundance that stretches beyond what you can see or reach. Like a sunflower with up to 2000 individual flowers in one–anything can happen all at once!ย 



You are unbound–finally free and released from the fear and humiliating shame. You have entered into a place of unlimited resources and experiencing the future you have been longing to have. What I have to show you now is better than anything that you have ever known or considered!ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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