Love Letters

A New Door is Opening


A love letter from the Father. 




Look up at the vast size of the mountains–those high and breathtaking places of your dazzling dreams. I am the Creator–higher and more magnificent–towering over all other mountains and I am going to raise you up to take over every space of your highly esteemed destiny. You will expand beyond all you ever imagined and you will resettle into the lost and abandoned gifts. 


Don’t get comfortable yet with where you are at or the present restrictions. I am adding to your capacity to cause you to spread out and expand beyond all limits. I am going to challenge your mind with the inexpressible magnitude of My greatness. 


Stay pliable to adapt to My ways and trust Me with a soft and workable heart. I am moving the barriers and breaking down the doors opposing your miracle to give you a glorious encounter of a lifetime. There are generational blessings waiting for you to fill up on! 


Open your heart to believe and indulge in happy thoughts. Enlarge your expectations and stretch your mind to receive a hopeful outcome. Dig your mental pegs into solid ground and refuse to give up or allow a negative thought. Believe like never before and step into the overflow of My abundance. 


The door that you have been asking for is opening up and you will go from wanting a dream to fully experiencing it. You will excel beyond measure to reap the benefits of your generational blessings. With great faith it will be to you as you desire–and beyond! You are one in a million who will reach and be transformed by the tangible glory of My promised stars. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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