Love Letters

Held by a Promise


A love letter from the Father 



I am not far away–I am here–holding everything in place. This moment in time has been set aside for your recovery and receiving. You are crossing over into what you have been dreaming. I will show up with a mind-blowing surprise as the Father of compassion and a wrap-around comfort. 


Be calm and trust in My all-powerful words. All of creation is sustained by what I speak, even the stars are hung in their perfect place. My words are spirit and life and I am fulfilling the stars of My promises. 


Open your heart to receive the fulfilled dream of your heart. Believe that you have it with an undivided focus. Dream Big and think that you will achieve it! I will settle you in comfort again as you enjoy rest in your promised land. 


What is seen is first created out of the unseen. Imagine that the promise is already there and be relieved of the discomfort. Exhale out the troubles that weigh you down and inhale a faith-filled thought of a good outcome. Anyone who puts trust in Me will be blessed and comforted. 


There is more than you could ever use! Pouring from My hand is the source of invigorating goodness. The moment that I gave My word, the promise was already yours. First, you must believe, and then you will see. 


Trust and believe with every step, as My unfailing love is your comfortable support. Identify yourself with your promise from Me and let My words be the unseen structure that holds you up. Give Me every need and worry and I will lift the burdens up. Fix your heart on what you hope and draw it out by faith from the hidden realm. 


The more that you believe, the more My promises will open up. If you believe that the promise is already there then it will materialize just as you imagined. Keep your attention on the sudden appearance of My words and never entertain a doubtful thought. 


I have unlimited outlets to support you and I can show up in immeasurable ways. You are not dependent on your circumstances. Be expecting to see My generosity pouring into you from every direction. You will be greatly increased in status and wealth and I will be your true place of comfort once again. 





Written by Dannette Lynn Ward


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