Love Letters

Rising into Fulfillment


A love letter from the Father. 



Everything is the same for you today, as the first day that I gave you My promise. My love won’t walk away from you and My covenant commitment will never fall apart. You can rely on My tender compassions to completely cover every heart request.


Relax those anxious thoughts and let everything go, as you surrender your petitions completely over into My care. I will never stop blessing you with such an abundance! I made you a promise and there is nothing that can separate you from My love.


Take your life to another level as you settle it in your heart that what you hope for has been allowed. Lift up your heart and mind to think higher as you are propelled upward by faith-fueled thoughts. Your dreams are emerging into your new reality and you will start becoming the vision of your dreams.


Although it has felt like one postponed delay after another, every problem is now behind you. Stop retracing the things of the past and start living in your abundant future. My love has liberated you! Take a deep breath and inhale the freedom of the open air.


Release yourself from every painful attachment of the past and the memories of those who have failed you as you allow yourself to be lighter than air. Although others have abandoned you before, I will never refuse you nor change My promise to protect and provide.


Don’t throw away your confidence, it will be richly rewarded.  Nothing, you see, is impossible with God. Never allow your circumstances to cause your faith to waver.  Don’t go by what you cannot touch or see yet. Instead, indulge your senses in the relief of obtainment. 


Easy does it–don’t worry so much! Instead of impatiently putting in so much effort, just confidently accept that the promise is yours. When you believe that you have it, the fulfillment is for sure. By faith, you have the legal proof of the things that you hope for.


 Let go of the frustrations of waiting and trust in My care and impeccable timing. Everything that I promised will just come to you. You don’t have to struggle or work for it. Be gently carried in the direction of your promise with positive expectations as you anticipate your hopes to suddenly appear. 


Come up to another level and move in reverse. Stop trying to obtain what I promised, it is already yours. Feel like it is real and see the view from above. Breakaway from looking for the future and fix it in your mind that it is already done. 


Thoroughly enjoy the excitement of rising into fulfillment! Imagine that you have what I promised and feel that it is true, even now. Relax, let go, and be confident. Explore a panoramic view of optimistic thoughts and align your emotions with what I have vowed. The promise will come to pass just as I showed you. 


It’s time to expect more. You are going to take over and fully occupy your dreams. Open your heart to Me with quiet confidence and endless trust. Don’t hold back—but envision bigger! Don’t be afraid to believe, you are not going to come up short. It will be done for you just as you believe and far beyond all that you hope.


Everything that you pray for with the fullness of faith you will receive and I will surpass your hopeful expectations! Begin to float upwards as you drink from the supernatural hope. Expand your capacity to receive with calm trust and determined faith-thinking. Lose your inhibitions and travel in the direction of My Spirit wind. Spread out into a magnificent expansion as you see yourself with your promise.


Catch new air streams and rise to new heights! Become so accustomed to seeing in the spirit that you stretch your faith to trust in what I promised and not the natural conditions and you will move swiftly into achieving the impossible becoming tangible.  



I will show up with a great deal of comfort, so be lightened with incredible anticipations. Fill yourself with excitement, like flame warmed air that envelopes within a balloon and causes it to lift and expand. You are starting to rise above the outside conditions. I am causing you to float upwards with My generous provisional love and super easy blessings. You will see a domino effect of fulfillment, as one promise emerges after another as you are lifted into fulfillment. 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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