Love Letters

Prayer Coming True


A love letter from the Father.ย 



These things are about to suddenly shift as you are elevated. I am taking you up into a gentle rest, like a butterfly floating through an uplifted air current that only butterflies travel.ย 


I have not turned away your prayers, nor has My loving-kindness departed. Yes–you have endured through fire and surging storms–but now I am bringing you up into a place of refreshing abundance!ย 


I am wiping the pain from your memory. All sorrow will vanish as if it never happened. Believe that I love you and that I will come as your help. My love travels with you– anywhere that you go–and My blessings will never fail to meet your place of desire.ย 


Keep your eyes on Me. I am removing the restricting troubles and the stressful things that have weighed you down. The resisting pressure that you have felt has been aiding in your extraordinary ascension. The easiest way to get through this resistance is to rise above it. Focus on the path ahead and I will handle everything else.ย 


Choose to hope in Me. I am making things easier to give you relief from the pressures. I will richly provide everything that you have required. A shift has occurred and you are in for a delightful change as I pour out an increase of provisional water before your eyes.ย 


Ride My wings through the winds of change, as I blissfully fill your cup again and again with the glittering stardust of fulfillment. Stretch your heart again to believe in My promises. Reach your faith into the stars of My words and I will lift you up to catch them and see them as yours.ย 


There is nothing at all that can ever hold back the support of My love.ย  My promises are nothing that you need to earn–thereโ€™s no longer a need to struggle. My love has no limits and no matter what you do, the waters of My love will continue to pour out to you.ย 


I will never leave you; I will always be by your side. Blessings await all who trust in Me and they will find a gentle refuge in My protective arms. Float above the cloudline of negative things as I lift you into a gentle, yet rapid rise.ย 


You are spreading out to be rich in everything so that your generosity will spill over in every direction. It is time for comfort. The tears that you have sown are coming back like glistening dew on the grass.ย 


Look expectantly for Me and with confidence–keep watch. A harvest is set for you and I am drenching you in the beauty of a prayer coming true. Expect unexpected things and a cascade of blessings. As tangible love from Me,ย  gifts will appear suddenly and wait for no man’s approval.ย 




Scribed by Dannette Lynn Ward


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