Love Letters

Expect Better


A love letter from the Father



Although you may not be sure where this path will go, I will soothe you and support you and give you a sense of what to expect. Everything will turn out good no matter what. What you cannot see yet will not hurt you, so why worry about the future?


I have gone ahead of you and you will see things happen just like I proclaimed–My promises to you will never change or fall through the cracks. Give yourself the freedom to trust that My promises are for your present enjoyment.


Express your request and await the good news that I will deliver. Ask and it will be given to you. Know that it will happen for certain and let it be. Resist the doubts and don’t fret about whether or not it will come to pass. 


Start a new life. Always think as if your prayers will come true. If you desire it–it can be yours. Believe the things that you request are yours, even in the present environment of opposite conditions. 


No one can take the promise that I have placed in your heart. As you continue to think positive thoughts–positive beliefs will follow. Concentrate on what you hope for, not on what you do not want. Your life is shaped by your inner beliefs and thoughts. 


How much more will I give to you–than what you would give yourself! Expect better as you sink into the tranquil satisfaction of the blissful attainment. What you are hoping for will suddenly appear and you will wonder where it was hiding. 




Written by Dannette

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