Love Letters

A Difference that You Can See

A love letter from the Father



Although situations have seemed motionless and it felt like nothing has been happening. There has been a big change in the unseen as I have moved things into position. A big shift is coming up quickly, as we journey to a new destination. I am changing the course for a breakthrough and opening up roads that have been impassable.


I will point you in the right direction as you take much needed time to relax and be supported. I have blessed this time and made it special–as an extended time for pause and restoration. I will put things in the right order and lead you in the right direction. You are in good hands, so place your trust in My care and rely on Me completely.ย 


Donโ€™t be afraid to try new things or be worried about starting over. I will smooth out and straighten the road that lies ahead. This is your new beginning! Out with the old and in with the new as the gentle south breeze begins to blow through.ย 


Just as the weight of barometric pressure in the changing atmosphere before a storm affects the head and body, you have been discerning a massive switch before it has happened. Things are about to suddenly turn around, as I uphold My oath to you.ย 


Change can feel a bit unsettling at first. Yet, everything will better than you expect as we sail into the sea of new beginnings. Donโ€™t predict how things will be based on the sorrow of the past. You will be overly nourished with good things as euphoria fills your heart with delightful satisfaction.ย 


The time has come for you to be saturated with My kindness. I will bring comfort to your place of suffering as My promise brings the birth of a new life. So forget about what happened to you and do not remember the pain anymore.


I am doing something entirely new–surely you know it is true! I am keeping My promise to you with a difference that you can see. This is a time for you to heal as every ounce of emptiness is filled. Just rest and let Me hold you close as I get you settled.ย 


To nurture others, it is necessary that you are nurtured yourself. I will replenish you in this time and energize you with strength. The pain of the past will be healed as you are nourished with My tangible love.ย 


I will ensure that you always have everything that you need–and even more! With amplified support, you will be satisfied and comforted as you dwell in safety and peace. Good things are about to happen!ย 


Relax and rest your soul, as I shower you with blessings. I will do even greater things than before. Never doubt My deliberate love to manifest your most unbelievable dream with My miracle power. You will be comforted again and again with evidence of My goodness and a difference that you can see.ย 




Written by Dannette




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