Love Letters

Made Just For You


A love letter from the Father



Things will turn around, there is always more to the story. The word of My promise will hold every event together as the prophecy fulfills itself. Have no worries, you simply cannot change the fulfillment.ย 


Everything will turn out better than you expect and before you even know it–your troubles will be over. Just lay back and trust that everything will work out. Keep looking to My promise to help you stay focused.ย 


Right now the end is hard to see, like peering through a fog-filled mist. It wonโ€™t be long and the weather will clear up as the fulfillment of My promise shines through the darkness. You will see things come to pass–just as I proclaimed them.ย 


My promise of love will save the day and endure through every difficulty to the end. The missing pieces will show up and then you will see it! You will be overwhelmed with sheer delight as you see just how personal My love has been.ย 


As the rain falls down from the clouds without hesitation to feed the flowers, likewise, My promise to you will bring to pass the desired fulfillment. You will laugh and your heart will melt with joy as you see that I can be trusted absolutely and forever.ย 


I have thought of all the details and everything will fall into place. I will put the lost things back the way that they were. Think of My promise as a gift. It was made just for you and it will be just like you always wanted.ย ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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