Love Letters

Changes Ahead

A love letter from the Father


Donโ€™t give up on hope just yet, the best part of the story is just getting started. Believe that anything is possible and that paths can change. A tiny spark from an unexpected move can cause a ravenous flame of love.ย 


Although it appears as if the road before you is headed towards chaos and trouble, the prayers that you have prayed are turning the circumstances into a better direction. A single moment can change everything! Trust Me, I wonโ€™t let the story end badly.ย 


It may seem like everything is going wrong, but I am going to cause everything to turn out better than you expect. Just wait for the smoke to clear as you allow Me to carry your heavy burdens.ย 


I will make new trails for you and cause these situations to turn out just as you prayed. Everything will be different now! I have answered your heartfelt prayers and I am making changes. A small change will bring forth a future of bliss and sweet new beginnings.ย 


Get your mind off all of the uncertainties and thoughts of foreboding. The worries that have occupied your mind will turn out to be harmless as you see things happen just as you hoped instead.ย 


I will bring beauty out of the distress and absorb the pressure of your stress. like calming your mind with a gentle touch of lavender oil placed upon your head. You are being lifted up into the place of your desire to give you plenty of breathing room and a chance to escape from the worry.ย ย 


My love is bringing your prayers into fulfillment! Love is all around you! The threat of a bad outcome is bending into good. Relax as I bring you relief and added comfort with changes ahead.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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