Love Letters

Water Effect


A love letter from the Father



Allow My love to come and settle you down to trust that something wonderful is going to happen. In the uncertainty that fearful situations present, rest in the certainty of a hopeful outcome and be confident that I will answer your prayer request. I am making everything come together beautifully to be a gift of celebration for you.


I love you so much and I want to do the very best for you to bring you so much joy. Don’t worry, nothing can go wrong. Even your mistakes will be made into a blessing as I direct every stream to flow to the river of My heart. Youโ€™ll resume to a place of happiness as I increase you with comfort.ย ย 


Open your heart and you’ll see that My plans are the hopes that you love and not the fears that cause you torment and pain. Fear is a shadow in the night that speaks only a lie. It is like trying to catch hold of a breath that vanishes away like a vapor into the sky.ย 


You have the opposite of your fear, nothing that you fear will happen for you. Surrender your worries to Me and put to death thought of a bad outcome. Fly above the threatening situations by anticipating My goodness and envisioning what you hope.


Cleanse away the fearful thoughts by saturating your focus on thoughts of love and a much-desired outcome. Be free from the onslaught of fear and fall into trusting My love. Expect to be flooded with more and more love–until every threatening fear has been washed out.ย ย 


Watch how miraculous things change from My water effect. All it takes is one drop of water to begin a ripple of change for the better. I am pouring out My love in great depths over every crevice of this situation. The unstoppable waters of My love will bring fulfillment and fill you with goodness, like noodles soaked in liquid.ย 


Let My love flow freely as you relax your defenses from doubting. To the place where the rivers flow, there the water returns to flow once again. Your prayers are a promise and you simply cannot contain all of the generosity that I will pour back to you by answering your prayers.ย 


Exhale a sigh of relief and get ready to indulge in My goodness. Good news will show up out of nowhere and as soon as you see it, youโ€™ll erupt into a moment of laughter.ย 


You will encounter the sweetness of seeing your hopes fulfilled to be better than you prayed. It will be like dreaming while you are wide awake as My love produces a water effect of extraordinary change!ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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