Love Letters

You are forgetting your sorrows

A love letter from Jesus



Please don’t cry anymore, I am coming with love and help. From a heart burning with anguish and a flood of tears, I have seen your misery and secret despair. I have always been there to deliver your needs and I am here to help you again. 


You are stepping into new territory and nothing will be the same. You’ll feel refreshed and soothed by My everlasting promises. I am lifting away your sorrows and refilling you with plenty. You won’t have to suffer like this again.



You’ll be comforted, My dear, and your cup will no longer be empty with lack. Quiet your anxieties and listen to Me. I am singing a new song for you–all about a flourishing life of love. Be ready trust now and let your guard down. Trust says so much more than words ever can. 


Remember what it is like to feel safe in My arms and feel the warmth of My security and love. You are forgetting your sorrows. I am riding to your rescue with a crown of dignity, new life, and honor.


I am fully removing the limitations so that you can move about freely and without complaint. I will hold you as My beloved treasure and protect you in My everlasting arms. 


Don’t be afraid of falling. I will hold you up and make you strong with My blessings. Shake away the weight that keeps you afraid and let go of the pain of before. 


Embrace those lessons that you learned in the wilderness and forgive yourself for the pain of survival. Release it all and move forward. 


You are moving into a fresh start and you’ll forget your sorrows. Increase your positivity and have faith once more. Lift up with hope and confidently stand tall in My refuge. 


I am personally unveiling private reserves of hidden wealth and I will open up doors of abundance that no man can prevent or bring to a halt. 


I am making up for the injustice and attacks and you will be raised up in respect, dignity, and blessings. I am making you famous for My sake–because you have known Me–and chosen to believe in My love and kindness.


Soon all will see that I have loved you immeasurably. I’ll shut the mouth of the accuser and you’ll see the relief of twice the comfort. You won’t be kicked around anymore and instead of being abused and insulted–your name will be cherished and honored.


You are being nourished and relieved from the flames and fire. You are forgetting your sorrows and the pain that you knew will no longer suit you. I am blessing you, My beautiful one, with a splendid expression of tangible love! 


I’ll love you and bless you and increase you with honor! I have been with you from the beginning–even in the sorrow– and now I am with you as you step into colossal blessings, excessive beauty, and honor. 




Scribed by Dannette

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