Love Letters

Prepare for the Unexpected

A love letter from the Father



Don’t worry, okay? I will ensure that your cup is never empty and I will satisfy all of your needs. Sit back and relax–as I take care of you. 


You did not miss the realization of your dream. I promise you didn’t miss a thing! All will be restored and fulfilled–as if no time had passed at all. 


Try not to stress over these troubles anymore. It’s time to move forward and to unload those heavy burdens and unwanted worries–once and for all. It’s time to shed the weight of the cocoon and transform into a butterfly of being made new. 


The days are barely surviving are no longer suitable for you, instead, you will be immersed in a love that is more immense than anything that you ever knew. Things are becoming just as I promised. Just relax and allow your new wings of tangible promise to unfold.


This time is not how it seems. See this situation from My promise and not how it looks. In a twinkling moment–you will see the fulfillment coming into view. A surprise is emerging from out of sight and I will show up with extra love to make things right! 


Prepare for the unexpected and sooner than you think. A sudden adjustment will cause everything to change and things will never be the same. 



Scribed by Dannette Lynn Ward

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