Love Letters

Higher and Higher

A love letter from the Father



Dear heart, don’t be troubled or weighed down with your needs. Starting today, let’s get you back to flying. Do you think that after all I have done, I would abandon you and leave without any support or help? Heaven’s no! 


I will never let you down or fail to complete My words. I will not leave you wanting or give you over to your fears. Let’s unpack the weight that has been holding you down. The more you let go, the higher you will rise up. 


Cast all of your needs, burdens, and fears into My care. I will undoubtedly take care of everything to give you even more than you could imagine or hope! Keep hoping in Me to deliver My words–even against all odds–and when you cannot figure out how it could be done. 


I will show up to take you by surprise! In a matter of moment’s—you’ll fall in love with this journey all over again! I am bringing you back to days of ease and you will not revisit the suffering that you have had. 


Count on Me to bring this life-changing deliverance and start getting excited to see your hopes arise. I am taking you beyond all that you hoped–and delivering the thing that you have cried for the most. 


Don’t get lost in how impossible it feels, but keep yourself open for an unimaginable miracle! You are about to step into a new atmosphere of encountering My personal love. It is higher than you have ever known–and you will keep rising up–higher and higher! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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