Love Letters

Things Are Changing Before You

A love letter from the Father



Things are changing just before you and like a bird developing new plumes. Everything will transform rapidly~ย 


The past times that were battered and dark are falling endlessly as the new is uncovered as the excellence of today. Rather than your distresses, you’ll be ostensibly delegated with sparkling gems.ย 


Try not to focus on the mountain of needs, because the help of My commitment is fanning out like the rich tints of the peacock’s plumage.


The things that you have been yearning for are rising to the top and they will be uncovered to you like the fabulous allurement of a peacock’s plumes.


Lift yourself up with thoughts of your expectations working out, similar to a peacock fanning her casing to seem to be a soft parachute. The smallest movements of your thoughts will lift you into the sure confidence to bring fast results.ย 


It resembles a peafowl fanning its ornamental train during mating season. As the plumes are opened with a quiver, they radiate a delicate sound that is unheard by human ears.


Despite the fact that it might appear as your thoughts bring no movement, what you think about is the most powerful form of faith coming out.


ย Sometimes the smallest change will herald the largest reward of activated faith. I will measure up to your sure assumptions with the satisfaction of what you are expecting!


I am adorning you in the new magnificence that you have wanted to see and I will achieve much more than anything that you have ever thought of or envisioned.


Like a peacock positioning towards the sun to complement the sparkling appearance of its stunning plumes, have confidence in wonderful things and be watching for good news to emerge.ย ย 


Think and act as though your promises were done and live like your requests were already fulfilled. I won’t dishearten your expectations or fail to deliver the substance of your confident demands.ย 


Your prizes are stacking up and you will receive an astounding harvest! I will supply liberally for you out of a secret spot that is extreme and bountiful.ย 


I will lead you to the mysterious storage facilities and you’ll see wealth in a spot that you would never anticipate.


I will match your childโ€“like confidence and leave you stunned. I’ll allow you an opportunity to rest from the fighting and you will not need to battle similarly any longer.


My deliberate love is becoming substantial for you, similar to the splendid glowing shades of a peacock’s train. The brilliance of the peafowls feathers is unfolding and the quills dissipate light to uncover vivid miracles.


Despite the fact that it doesn’t feel like change will arrive and you can’t see it coming, I will show up discreetly to convey your newly discovered excellence with armloads of endowments.




Scribed by Dannette

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