Love Letters

The Hide Tide Is Washing In

A love letter from the Father 




I am here, I am here with you now. Take a deep breath and slow your racing heart. Feel the ebb and flow of My constant support swaying all around you. I know all about the pain of walking through hardships and the burden of facing unbearable pressures. 


Cling to My promise of endless support–despite how uneasy you may feel right now. Fasten your thoughts to trust My vows, like a barnacle that adheres itself tightly to a rock in the midst of the changing waters.  


The testing of your faith–though not easy–has helped you. Like a receding tide that created a depression along the shore that trapped and filled with new seawater water–your faith has made unlimited tide pools of effortless support. 


Turn your tears and worries into a song to celebrate already. I have heard your cries and the high tide of My loving support is washing in to bathe you in My superabundance. 


I’ll show up and uncover secret riches–even more than you were expecting. I will open up new and exciting blessings. I’ll fulfill My words and bring them out in the open.


I’ll show you the luxuries of comfortable living, like exposing the treasures buried beneath the chambers of the ocean and drawing out jewels stored away in sunken shipwrecks. 


There comes a time when what has been spoken must come to the surface. Although you waited long and you suffered extensively, My promise is being revealed like a washed-up pearl floating in the shallow tide pools from places that have long been forgotten. 


Things will change in an instant and I’ll leave you in wonder and ecstatic as the high tide washes in. You’ll breathe deeper than you have ever known and you’ll smile bigger than you knew you could. I told you what was coming before it happened–so that when it appeared– you would BELIEVE and have even greater faith than ever before. 



Scribed by Dannette

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