Love Letters

More Than You Would Ever Guess

A love letter from the Father



Relax My dear, dear child! I love you so much! I want to show you how much you are loved and give you the very best from Me. In fact, I will do something very lovely to show you My continuous generosity. 


A person can only take so much and it is not good for you to carry the weight of so many difficulties. Take a big deep breath and roll all of your worries over to Me. I will show up to help you out. I’ll deliver My vow to support you out of the abundance of My endless wealth.


 Rest in My Sovereign care, like a joy-filled child without worries. Sometimes the most powerful thing that you can do–is nothing at all. Be like a water bear entering into the deep rest of dormancy by ignoring every fear, worry, and troublesome thought. 


The water bear relaxes deep into a death-like state, in order to withstand extreme conditions–from the coldest freeze to blazing boiling water. Let Me take care of you and handle all of your needs. 


Let go of all of your fears and breathe again. Be relieved of the surrounding pressure as you trust Me to take over. My promise to you is indestructible—regardless of the opposition. My love is unfailing and can survive anything! 


See extraordinary results by thinking extraordinary thoughts. Think about what you hope to be done and refuse to entertain a doubtful outcome. Stay elevated with the exceedingly high faith of a child as you imagine your heart’s desires becoming tangible. 


Everything will be much better than you hope! You’ll receive all that you need effortlessly, like a water bear that breathes by absorbing water through its skin. 


Because you chose to trust My promise instead of favoring the negative threats of fear and worry–I’m going to do even more than what you can imagine. I’ll issue the command and cause My word to run swiftly. You’ll be helped out more than you would ever guess! 


I’ll reward your sacrifice and cause you to experience the genuine blessings that issue from My personal generosity. Plan to get surprise gifts of good news after good news–and more good news! 




Scribed by Dannette

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