Love Letters

It will come right to you!

A love letter from the Father




Don’t be worried, you are not going to suffer during this time. Just the opposite! Like an Ocean Jasper that contains each color of the rainbow–My love is intricately woven throughout the details of this miraculous season.


There are some treasures that can only be found when the sea dries up. I have intentionally deposited secret wealth on the bedrock of My personal support.


Some of the most brilliant gems are found under the waves. I will cause My blessings to effortlessly show up and be delivered ashore with My heavenly help. 


I am leaning in with extra-gentleness to soothe, calm and replenish. You’ll be picking up treasures of the seafloor before the high tide washes in with an unbelievable abundance.


Just go ahead and relax. I’ll comfort you and lavish you with hidden riches to invade your troubles. I’m lifting you back on your feet and making everything replenished like new again. 


As a child of My promise, you are always favored and surrounded by goodness. You are going to see even better than what you have. I will amaze your expectations and give above and beyond your wildest imaginations. 


I will fill your hands with a secret stash of violet amethysts from the seabed and pull diamonds out of the rock-bottom gravel. The beauty that will be uncovered will be something to truly be marveled at and will be adored. 


From the towering mountaintops to the stillness at the bottom of the ocean–I will show you more personal love and attention than you have ever known. 


It is time for you to recover your losses. You will collect the rare and rich jewels of the seafloor before the immense waves of crashing abundance roll in all over again. 


I will provide everything that you need and I will far surpass your experience with better than you have dreamed. You’ll see for yourself how intentional My valuable love is as you scoop up secret wealth from the seabed.


I will dazzle you in amazement as the clear-blue Tanzanite jewels are revealed in the place where there were once billowing waves. The beauty of this time will be beyond compare and will resonate with praise from all over the world.


I will personally show you the rare and tucked away opulence of bright blue-green Chrysocolla gems intermingled with beaming turquoise and glittering azurite. 


I will deliver all that you love–even more than you know about! I will open up the private reserves of Ocean Jaspers that can only be mined during the low tide in the little village of Marovato. 


My gifts to you during this time of finding hidden wealth will perfectly reflect the beauty of our relationship as a timeless treasure. Be trusting in good news, it will come right to you! 




Scribed by Dannette

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