Love Letters

A Special Delivery


A love letter from the Father 


I know that you suffered much more than most and that your faith has been pressed well beyond the threshold of comfort. Let Me assure you that your reward has come and the splendor of dawn is breaking before you. 


Just as the roseate spoonbill is not born with a spoon-shaped bill–rather is it formed after the baby breaks through the shell–your breakthrough has arrived and nothing will be as it was. 


Oh My lovely one, look up! At any moment there will be a beautiful sight for you to behold–like a pink roseate spoonbill delivering something special with the luminous glow of dawn. 


I have helped you! I have released a special delivery to what you have asked in prayer. Be uncommonly optimistic and only entertain thoughts of what you are hoping to come. 


Trust in the outcome that you hope and don’t give it a second thought. Allow no room for doubt–continue to abide in the fulfillment and celebrate the expected outcome. 


Don’t worry–you cannot lose! Your victory is already secure. The perseverance of your faith-determined thoughts has brought an unlikely surprise that you will love so much! 


You have worked your faith hard and deserve all you’ve got coming. Enjoy the blessing! Soak in the goodness!


As you have believed it will be done for you. It will be delivered right to you! I’ll surprise you with generosity spilling from My goodness and cause blessings to tumble out of the skies. 


The dreamy cumulous clouds are piled high, ready to drench you with more than enough. The flood of My generous wealth is beginning to pour out and I will treat you to the unusual gift of indulgent high waters that continue to rise. 


I am putting My beauty on a grand display. The parched ground of your deep needs will soak up the plentiful rains of My loving support. My love will drown out every single trouble, as the calm waters of My goodness wash in. 


Beauty will arrive like bowls of raspberry-colored roseate spoonbills. You will be delivered a special gift of comfort as I give you a radiant sight to behold. 



Scribed by Dannette

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