Love Letters

I am watching over every detail

A love letter from Jesus 


My dear, don’t worry! I am watching over every detail of this situation carefully and I will make sure that the timing happens perfectly. There is nothing that can stop the arrival of My promise and there is nothing that can cause a setback or delay. 


I have everything under control and no there is no need to panic. I am right here with you as a best friend to save the day! My ever-present support is actively helping you to give you an outcome that you will love. 


What I have promised will arrive safe and secure. I rescue you from your tears and from the crisis lingering before you. Things will turn out just as you hope and you’ll feel the relief of fulfillment soon enough. 


Take a deep breath and settle your heart. Nothing will be as you fear or dread. I will show up early to relieve you with comfort and I’ll make sure that everything unfolds smoothly and quickly. 


Look back to how far I have carried you and to the faithful encounters that you have had with My love. My promise will never fail to fulfill the purpose that it was sent and I will never hurt you or disappoint your decision to trust. 


I know that this is harder than you had ever dreamed and that you feel extra weary from walking through this same thing. Allow Me to speak comfort to your heart with kindness and love. Everything is about to change drastically. 


I am answering your request and causing things to be just as you have asked. Never doubt My willingness to fulfill your hopes and answer your prayers. Don’t underestimate the great and unlimited things that I am capable of or how far I would go to show you how much I care. 


Your story is getting ready to change and soon you will forget walking through the soul–pressing pain. I am putting a new song on your lips and giving you a fresh and exhilarating joy to live. 


You haven’t seen anything yet! This moment of discomfort is marking the end of something big. Instead of enduring the same trial in many different ways—you will venture into a whole new experience of endless comfort and soul-soothing love. 


You will have to get accustomed to living in calm and peace. It will be so much better than what you have dreamed of and you will love your new life much more than you think. This is just the beginning of the best days you have lived. 




Scribed by Dannette

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