Love Letters

You Are Moving Into More



A love letter from the Father



My dear, you don’t have to carry this burden all alone. I will always be by your side. I never miss a moment and no detail will ever escape My attention. All that you need–I know perfectly well. 


Don’t be discouraged by how this time feels or seems. Similar to the transition zone between the boundary layer and the upper and lower mantles of the Earth–your fulfillment is coming out and you are moving into more. 


You are transitioning into what you have hoped and it is much closer than it feels or looks. 


A time of transition can feel vulnerable to attacks and under the constant assault from warfare, but the beauty of My promises will provide the safety and support that you need. 


Your journey is farther along than it looks and will become more beautiful than you had ever thought. It is like the radiant blue hope diamond formed in the earth’s super-deep places.


Although it may feel like you are moving backward, your hopes are coming to the surface, like shimmering blue hope diamonds. This is like no other time before.


Don’t allow how this looks to give you doubt or terrify you–there is an abundance of provisions for you during this time. Soon you’ll be bursting with confidence–and without a trace of disappointment! 


This time is not what it seems. There is hidden wealth all around you! It is like the hidden gems found in the depths of the Earth that carry deep-sea sediments and have an enormous capacity to store water secretly. 


Like the hope diamonds that come from even deeper than the deepest places where diamonds are formed–your hopes are moving through the extreme pressures that you have endured to bring out the beauty of your hopes. 


Don’t lose sight of the dream that I have given. Remember My vows and the beauty that I revealed was going to take place. 


Relax your tensions and be carefree. You don’t have to worry about a thing! Allow My love to be in the center of your attention and feel My unbreakable strength all around you. 


I will continue to care for you with the deepest concern. I’ll pull you out of the hardship and set you on top of the world. You are about to see that you are attached to endless blessings! 


Use your hope-filled thoughts to lift you above the predator attacks and the situations that have placed grief in your heart. Think about what hope for–and nothing less. 


Make your thoughts an access point of faith to come out and rise above your troubles. Your hopeful thoughts will lift you up like a flying fish that launches out of the water into the safety of flying through the air.


Surrender the struggle and unfathomable anguish of the past and be expecting to find something new to emerge at last. I’m doing just what you have asked! 


Dance with the waves they move around you–always looking up to the light of hope and not down to doubting 


You are always moving into more! Like the hope diamond that moves to be unearthed and is released from pressure from volcanic eruptions.  The hope diamond dazzles with brilliant blue hues because of a mineral it contains that came from the bottom of the Ocean. 


Keep your eyes on good things and remember that anything is possible! You are not traveling a straight, linear path. I will surprise you with fulfillment in the midst of the journey–at a time that feels like the transition of the middle. That is how faith works! 


Things are about to be revealed as so much better than you hoped. There’s more to come! I’ll show up to transform your troubles into an expression of love that far exceeds anything that you have ever known. 


From the unseen depths of the unexplored ocean–you will be given untapped riches and the materialized storehouses of your greatest hopes coming to pass. You won’t be able to contain it all!


Expect something more! See and feel like you are already in the end. Surprising you with unexpected relief is something that I love to do! Remember that with Me–you will always prosper and live exceptionally well. Anything wonderful can happen–at any sudden moment. 






Scribed by Dannette 

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