Love Letters

As You Rise

A love letter from Jesus



Oh, My beloved bride! Let’s do this now and I will show you what you’ve been missing all along. The same thing that held you down for so long will become the force of gravity that pushes you up. Every curse against you is a double blessing! 


You are being paid back blessings and rewards for all that you are owed. I will cause you to inherit blessings from the same place where you endured the most pain—with a complete restoration and justice from suffering. 


I have given you My vows, now make yours too. Make a commitment to Me, to only meditate on the positive thoughts of faith and the promises that I have made.  


All you need to do is trust and adhere to My words. I will do the rest and My power will be the force to raise you up. Give into the urge to fly! Trust Me to prosper you as My personal love causes you to rise. 


With the gentle breeze blowing through your hair and the sun warming your face–-there is no way to describe the weightless freedom that you are about to embrace. 


Like a hanglider with an ultra-light touch and palms slightly opened, let go of those fears that make you reluctant to trust and feel the sudden rush of My love all around. 


Face the fears and run towards the wind with complete confidence and unbothered faith. Commit to going all in with the full abandonment of trust in My vows. Don’t worry about the future, just rest in My all-encompassing love as I hold you up in My Sovereign support. 


I will take care of you and raise you to heights that are better than anything you have known. I’ll pull you above the warfare and bless you on every side–so that you can live with incredible peace and enjoy the safety that I provide. 


No longer entertain those irritating thoughts of doubt, worry, fear, or foreboding. Forget the past and let those bad memories go. Having complete faith means the absolute elimination of all negative thinking, fear, and doubt.


Be free! No more worries! Immediately drop the weight of every worry and you’ll rise up like a hanglider to effortlessly glide above the clouds. 


Continue to cast down every worry or undesirable thought. Once you have tamed your mind to think higher, everything in your life will be raised up too. Without worry or the weight of doubt, you’ll enter the freedom that you have longed to have all along.


Be free from all of the pain that you’ve known and trust that the former things have cleared away and are forever gone. Reach into the space that is not yet tangible and believe it is true. 


As you stop giving attention to fear, your enemies will be even more afraid of you and they will back down. Your persecutors will regret all of the attacks as I honor you and give your testimony fame with the unquestionable backing of My name. 


Blessings will pile up to the skies and the resistance that you have known will be no more. You won’t even be able to keep up with all of the good things that come to your door.


Believe and think as though you have already arrived at your desired dream. Keep your attention on the sudden emerging of your greatest expectations, like a hanglider pointing the glider upwards to be lifted up. 


I will personally fill all of your needs as your Husband and Best Friend. I will cause you to prosper more and more until you become enormously wealthy with more than you can contain all alone. 


With complete freedom and unlimited abundance—you’ll fly like a bird and soar above every lack and limitation from below. You’ll be a blessing to a multitude of people and many will come to celebrate this special time with you! 


There is nothing more than can hold you down. As you rise, those against you will foolishly fall. I’ll show you what you’ve been missing for so long–as you are immersed in the sensation of weightlessness, exhilaration, and indescribable joy. 



Scribed by Dannette 



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