Love Letters

All Over Again

A love letter from Jesus



From where you started this journey to where you will be, I will always be your faithful Friend and the comforter of your needs. Don’t be afraid of how things seem, I will show up all over again to send the help that you need. 


Even in the onslaught of tremendous attacks and treacherous darkness, you will taste the delectable comforts of My goodness as I turn this situation from bitter to sweet all over again. 


I am with you through everything and you will be deeply comforted by My loving-kindness in action. I will rescue you with My soothing relief and I will ensure that My promises are fulfilled and upheld as well. 


You will be generously lavished with My provisions in the midst of the attack and I will hold you securely in My safety. 


Justice is being enforced for you–making sure that you have all that you need and plenty of food.  I will be the power that flows from your weakness. You will keep living in the place of My blessings and you not see disgrace. 


You were rescued from a very hard life and lifted out of an abusive past–and that was only the beginning of experiencing an unforgettable story of intentional love. 



Your story will keep getting better from here and those who turned against you will realize their faults. Not only will you be drenched in the sweetness of a dream coming true–but you will taste immense vindication being done for you. 


Prepare to smile and laugh once again as joy wells up from encountering My relief all over again. I am carrying you into a dream where the impossible will take place. It will seem too good to be true, as I wrap expressions of My love all around you!



Scribed by Dannette


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