Love Letters

Unexpected Laughter

A love letter from Jesus


Dear heart, I understand the burdens that you face and how powerless you may feel. Take your hand in Mine and I will help you re-plant your soul into the power of My promises. 


Even though you feel helpless to change your situation, it is My power working within you that will rescue you with fulfillment. Shift your perspective of this time and realize that you have an endless ocean of My wealth already within you.


Delivering the fulfillment of this promise is for Me to do. Just rest in My vows and let your mind breathe freely. I will step in to help you during this time when your needs are too much and you cannot bare to go another moment more. 


There is nothing to be afraid of, My personal love has dissolved every bad outcome. There is nothing that can hurt you. The opposite of your fears is My promise to you! Keep your eyes on Me and you will see My unlimited beauty generously covering everything. 


There is nothing that I cannot do and all of the wealth of the world is already Mine. I will open up gates that expand bigger than your dreams and I will put you in the path of those who will become a great help. 


Settle into My promises as already done and allow the water of thankfulness to bubble up. You’ll see My tangible wonders bloom profusely as you are saturated with Heaven’s aroma on Earth. 


Stay connected to My vows and don’t doubt what I can do. I can change everything in an instant to cause your life to bloom madly with sheer delight. 


Don’t worry about how it can be done, rest your mind, and refuse to overthink. I will make your life feel like it’s worth living again, as I draw out My invisible wealth that you cannot see yet.


Instead of being immersed in tears and surrounded by troubles, My power will show itself extremely effectively through the fragile place of your needs and weaknesses. 


I will be the consistent power that you need as My blessings pour out over every need and longing. In this time that seems too hard and the darkness is overwhelming, you will see My all-powerful abundance rising to help. 


My endless love and unbreakable vows will always be more than enough. Don’t worry! I will reveal remarkable beauty during this time, like a gardenia flower that flourishes in an explosion during desert droughts. 


Like a delicate yet powerful gardenia flower, the all-encompassing love of My presence will enfold within you, to transform your life into a truly breathtaking bloom.


See the intentional movement of My love swaying all around you, like gardenia flowers that shimmer under the moonlight. I am going to reveal the strength of My promise within you, as I cause it to emerge from out of nowhere. 


Things are not as they appear. You’ll see your dreams coming to life—one right after the next—as I hold each detail together with My most extravagant love. 


Soon you will see tremendous beauty blooming in an abundance, as I open up more blessings than you ever knew. Instead of suffering more hardship, I will show up with a promise fulfilled to give you unexpected laughter and more beauty than you ever knew. 



Scribed by Dannette



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