Love Letters

Welcome to a New Reality

A love letter from the Father



Dear heart, don’t be frustrated by the lack of change and the hardships that never seem to fade away.


Like a blueberry plant that is effortless to grow, you received and believed My promise. Despite how it currently looks, I have caused it to take over and replace your difficulties. 


Everything has changed, even though you cannot see it yet. When I made the promise–it was completely given. What I spoke will ripen up very soon, like blueberries that enter the sweetness of the bluest blue! 


Even though it looks like My promise will never take place, all of the sudden, everything will change. Things will happen easily for you, like blueberries that come off the plant without any tugging. 


Don’t worry, I promise that things will be different very shortly. Like blueberries that fall off right into your hands, My promises show up to transform everything. 


Welcome to a new reality. Your life has been forever transformed, like rich plump blueberry plants that live long and vigorously.  


Just as blueberry flowers are not always blooming at the same time, wonderful things will begin to show up at different times–over and over again. 


You are going to love what I do for you! I will be worth the wait and all that you have endured. I will cause you to rise with a great celebration of promises fulfilled. 


You will be restored and increased to more than you have had—and tangible freedom will float before your eyes! 


In the same place where you wept and suffered from exhaustion and famine–I will cause you to be richly blessed and adorned with an unforgettable harvest. 


I will make you known as a vessel of My blessings and I will cause you to be undoubtedly successful in the land of your former suffering. 


Your sorrows will dance away as you taste the sweet joy of a brand-new experience. You’ll easily reap an abundance with more than you have ever had in all of your life! 


Others will watch and be in awe and greatly inspired by all that I do for you! You’ll have more than you could ever need–with plenty left over to give away. 


I will open up dreams fulfilled and cause you to drink from the richest reservoirs of My personal blessings. Everything that you touch will be blessed immensely and you will forget the troubles that you once battled. 


You won’t even recognize the new life that is emerging. It will be just as you hoped–and so much better than you dared to consider or dream about. 


The best part is–it’s already done. There is no stopping this materialization of promise. Now just sit back and witness the ripening of the most incredible love that you have ever known. You will love it–I promise! 



Scribed by Dannette


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