Love Letters

I’ll Go With You

A love letter from Jesus


Stand in faith, even if you are alone. I’ll go with you when you are in a tight space. I will be there as your very best Friend when all others have turned away. 


Don’t worry about how it looks or the difficult situation that you need to survive. Trust what I have said first. Don’t fear, there will be no bad news for this time. I will not disappoint you or allow you to be hurt. 


I will be the glory and explosive power in the midst of your weakness and needs. From your greatest needs, My power will rise! You will soon see that you are more powerful than you think and nothing is impossible for you at any time.  


I have secret provisions for you, even when it doesn’t like there is anything left. There is water in places that you never knew, like the rocks and boulders that have surrounded you. Even your enemies will bless you!


There is hidden water in the pores of a rock and as it gets heated, the water rises up like vapors to come out. Just as a melted rock is made into solid metal, those who have resisted your rise have only made you stronger and increased My favor over your life. 


Everything is going to turn out just as you hope. The heat of the resistance that you feel is causing the hidden water in the rock to come out. The opposition that you see is falling away as a giant wave of My love and favor is released. 


Everything is turning in your favor and the attack against you is returning on its senders’ heads. Nothing can take you out or stop My callings for your life. 


Rejoice in your hopes as good as done! I will lavishly provide all of your needs! There will be nothing to stand in your way. I have destined you to rise and prosper and there is nothing that can stop or hinder My plans. 


You will witness My blessings like never before as I bestow you with more love and more recognition from those who you meet. You are rising in the place of tangible dreams and never again will you endure hardships like these. 


I will cause an ocean to explode in the place of your needs and I will surprise you by showing up beyond the obvious things.


You’ll see rich treasures that exist deep beneath the surface, like plentiful water trapped within the earth’s rocky mantle. 


My prophetic promises for you are coming to life, as My miracle surprises are released like water gushing from out of a rock. I will move right in front of you and introduce you as My beloved bride. It will all happen just as I said that it would. 




Scribed by Dannette



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