Love Letters

Beauty from Above

A love letter from the Father



Although things may seem hopeless and broken beyond repair, I am raising you up to give you beauty from above. I will restore what you have lost and I will put your life back together again in the eyes of those who have mocked and criticized your path. 


Lay your heart in My hands once again and allow Me to bring your vindication to pass. In order for Me to defend your honor, you must be willing to forsake your fears and follow Me to where I have called you. 


Surrender your life to Me once again. There is nothing more to lose but I have so much more to give to you. Come out of hiding and see how beautifully everything changes when you face your fears and move beyond your place of self-comfort. 


It is no longer a good time to be hidden away and it is time to stop taking the easy path of playing it safe. Come out of the shadows and let your inner beauty become visible. Trust Me to prosper you with honor again in the midst of those who hoped for your downfall.  


I am not worried about your past, it has already been forgotten and forgiven. By My grace you have been saved and chosen for extraordinary things. 


You have My approval! So forget who may or may not agree. It’s time to enter the place where dreams are made. Push your fears aside and don’t second guess what anyone might think. Trust Me to be your protection and the defender of your name. 


Let go of waiting for your life to look as perfect as you think it should. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being authentically you and sharing all that I instruct you to. 


See this time in a different way. There are people who need what you have to share. Instead of thinking that you’ll be seen and picked apart, realize that the people that you help will be the beauty of what this is all about. 


You have wonderful gifts to help others succeed. Even when you feel like you look your worst, your testimonies are miracle keys that someone else needs to flourish. 


It’s time to cross over into your dreams. Step out of your comfortable place and surrender completely to trusting Me. Go all in and believe, even if you are trembling down to your knees. 


I will raise you up and give you beauty from above. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Place your life in My hands and trust in My love to cover you all around. 


I am publicly turning everything in your favor and serving you a feast of My loyal love in the midst of every attack. You are destined for great things and I set you apart to be a conduit of My honorable name. I assure you, My beloved child, you will not regret this moment. Rise up and step forward…




Scribed by Dannette


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