Love Letters

Things will be just as you have asked

A love letter from the Father




Don’t panic over how badly this could go. No weapon aimed at you will be successful. You’ll see that I have carefully covered you and given you a quiet and safe refuge from the storm. 


I have everything under control and I am causing every situation to turn out in your favor. Things will work out perfectly for you. Everything will unfold smoothly and will be just as you hoped. 


Protecting you is part of My plan and I am so much closer than you know. My intentional love is woven through every detail of your life and I am always deeply attentive to all that matters to your heart. 


There is no need to fear what could go wrong or make worst-case assumptions about the nightmares that could happen. I have already taken care of every detail for you and nothing will be permitted to harm you. 


I have moved ahead of you to protect you from attacks. I have concealed you from your enemies and I have surrounded you with angels to guard your steps. 


Take a break from thinking about all that is going on and the potential for terrible outcomes. Relax completely into My care and allow the fears to melt off of your shoulders. 


Turn your attention away from every worry and concern as you remember who I am for you. I will be all that you need and I will give you exactly what you hope and expect from Me. 


What you think of Me changes everything! Believe that I am your very best Friend and open your heart to trust in My all-present involvement. 


You can count on Me through thick and thin! I won’t abandon you like others or betray the vulnerable place of your trust. Sink completely into My love and let your worries be washed away. 


Let go of every fearful pressure and leave your burdens with Me. Place your trust in Me to come through to deliver the outcome of your hopes to you. See everything from the fulfillment of your hopes until every trace of fear is gone. 


Keep thinking that what you hope for is what will be done and let that be the anchor to hold you through the tormenting problems. At any moment the storm will settle into a hush and you’ll see that there was nothing to worry about. 


I will comfort you in the midst of these troubles and soothe you with hopes that become tangible. I will fulfill every last hope and ensure that things turn out just as you dreamed that they could.


Sudden stillness will emerge and the turbulent waves will instantly disappear. The waters will be smooth as glass and you will feel comforted by My intentional love all over again. You’ll be immersed in the warm comforts of things becoming just as you had asked that they would. 



Scribed by Dannette



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