Love Letters

in a league of your own

A love letter from Jesus




Forget how things feel or look and concentrate on what I have promised to give. The fears that you have in the midst of seeing My promise revealed will return to you like a rare and exclusively valuable conch pearl–one of the rarest there is. 


Those fears of lack and resistance will never change the outcome that I have promised. They are like an irritant that drifts from the sea into the ever-so-beautiful queen conch shell opening. This will be a truly organic and breathtaking experience of seeing My love reach your surface with fulfillment. 


Like a powerless giant that hides in dark caves, the fears that you have will only add to the deeply desired outcome that I have promised. Nothing that you fear will be permitted to happen. 


Just as a conch pearl is exceedingly rare, with only 1 in 10,000 that is found in a queen conch shell, I am going to take you into a league of your own. 


Your faith is so beautiful to Me, like a queen conch shell with a pink-wave-like flame and shimmering porcelain delicacy. I will cause your faith to come out as a tangible reward, like an infinitely desirable conch pearl known for its natural untreated beauty and rare exclusivity.


Unlike most who claim to believe–but fail to resist the thoughts of fear or doubt–I will honor your investment of faith-filled thinking with so much more than you were hoping.


Hold onto your confidence and trust in Me to come through, like a conch shell forming concentric layers of fibrous crystals that build up around the irritant. 


Ignore the fears that lash like a stormy and wild sea against what I have promised. Push those insecurities away and choose to stay rested in My promise. 


Instead of being worried about what lies ahead, close your eyes and imagine that it has already been delivered. See your life looking just as you have dreamed and embrace the joy of the beauty that you are receiving. 


Like the exquisite and elusive coral-hued conch pearl, I will cause your faith to become captivatingly real. You’ll be placed in a league of your own as you see the adornment of My promise become tangible. 


The rewards of your faith are coming to the surface and they will be like the rarest jewels that are unlike anything else. You will be delighted when you see the results of your sacrifice to trust. 


My promise will emerge and it will leave you undone. In a league of your own, you will witness the miracle phenomenon of My materialized love as an extremely rare and highly sought-after outcome! 



Scribed by Dannette


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