Love Letters

Change is in the Air

A love letter from Jesus



Listen, my treasured one—we are moving forward and leaving behind what you have been through and entering through a passageway of something entirely new. 


Although you have walked through more thorns than most, the purity of your faith has remained a flowery bouquet of unparalleled beauty. We will now enhance your beauty. For now is the time, My loveliest one, to embark on a change of superabundant blessings and endless blooming. 


Inhale the intoxicating aroma of the flowers that have arrived unannounced. A change has already occurred and you are no longer in the place of struggle that you once knew. 


Calm and quiet your heart from every concern, I never would have brought you here without ensuring that you would be well-supplied and cared for. I always prepare every detail in advance. 


Like riding in a relaxing gondola through a dreamy canal, you’ll soon see the picturesque scenery that instantly transports you into a much better experience. 


No longer flee from worries and difficulties, just rest your head on My shoulders and breathe the soothing relief. Come with your burdens and cares, My dearest darling. I will tenderly watch over all that matters to you, as you recline in My presence with the purest trust. 


Let’s clear away the dirt of the past, as we rinse off the fears that have clung to you. Surrender anew as you move out of your own way and choose to trust in My promises with all abandonment. 


Dedicate your heart to Me again, as you make the decision to only expect faith-centered outcomes. Step into the waters of true love and let the impurities of fear and doubt be rinsed off of your thoughts. 


Make your thoughts a sacrifice of worship, as you only believe in what is lovely and good. The things that you fear are not at all true. Resist those fears and they will flee from you. 


Awareness is the beginning of belief, so only be aware of what I have promised.  Ignore the bad thoughts that come and become unaware of every negative–as though it does not exist. 


Focus on your hopes as already done and let them be your only awareness and belief during this time. Rest in this love and remember how carefully I have carried you along. 


Things are looking up for you now, as we drift with the change that is in the air. The winter hardship has cleared and now you will float through the canal of effortless change. 


Everything will get much better from here, as I escort you through tranquil waters and quiet spring breezes sweeping through the tree-shaded valleys. 


You will love this ride through the rivers of change, as I show you a world of much finer things. You’ll be passing by the charming landscapes of unbelievable things and the countryside mansions that you have dreamed of having.


Not only will I take you back through time to fulfill old prayers and promises, but I will sweep you off of your feet with new-found freedom and unsurpassable beauty—to fill you will a settled sense of calm that remains. 


You’ll fill up on blueberries, sweet figs, and sun-ripened peaches in abundance. I will personally whisk you away into a completely new time where the struggles that you once endured are transformed into incomparable beauty to adorn you. 


From this moment you’ll be captivated and excited by all that is new for you. The flowers of My promise are filling the air with the rich indulgences of fulfillment. Come, My precious bride, as I take you into a much better place and happier time. 




Scribed by Dannette


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