Love Letters

It’s time for something good

A love letter from Jesus



My darling, My love. After all that you have endured, this is your time to smile again. Trust that I am making this dream come true and that love is coming to the surface for you. 


I will never let you fall, so don’t be worried about this time one moment at all. You’ll see new doors quickly open up as blue skies fill up with the most welcoming sights.


The life of your dreams is on the other side of your fears. This is your year, so spread your wings with optimistic thoughts and trust My all-present love to be right there! 


If you love someone, it is worth the risk to let go of the fear of connecting. Surrendering to love requires the vulnerability of letting your guard down. Don’t allow the fear of being hurt cause you to hide behind doubt or close off your heart. 


Jump in completely with an all-abandoned heart. You’ll be so happy that you did! My love will be worth any risk that you face, and you can always depend on My kind-hearted support. 


I won’t disappoint you! I will not fail you or let you fall–you can trust in My unconditional love and unbreakable vows to hold you up. You’ll get exactly what you are willing to hope and expect. Soar with ease as you rest with complete trust in Me. 


Fly over your worries and be exceedingly joy filled about the good things happening. Good things are coming! Expect to receive gifts, after gifts, after gifts! 


I will show you the most awe-inspiring things as we herald in blooming love with the arrival of a new beginning. I will soothe and comfort your anxious heart with a twittering song and the romance of flight. 


Like a bird learning to fly, trusting your wings was something that needed to be mastered and developed. There was a purpose for the process and difficult times. 


However, those days are over and it’s time to wave them goodbye. Open up to love and expect the best from Me. Look away from your needs and gaze into My eyes like love birds, who are so consumed by each other that they ignore everything else. 


Expect only what you hope to happen, like a love-struck bird that flaps its wings whenever she sees her beloved. I will give you just what you are hoping for, like a gentle dove declaring peace from the war. 


Lean close to Me with an all-surrendered heart and choose to have faith in My vows as you let your defenses down. My promises to you are sealed and sure! My promise to you is for life, and it will endlessly be the gift that keeps on giving. 


Like an Albatross gliding on the wind, I will cause My promises to be fulfilled as you rest with confidence. I will show you a whole new world of overwhelming blessings, and I won’t ignore you or leave you wanting. 


I’ll cause your dreams to become the place where you live, like beloved newlyweds dwelling in a new home that they have selected to live. 


There is no devotion as wonderful as what I give, and you’ll see that there was nothing to worry about. Just imagine what life will be like–when every thought is inspired by My love materializing for you! 


I won’t let you down, no, not ever! I will hold you up in rich and prosperous levels. You’ll stay up in the air and it will be such a breeze. I’ll cause you to fly and keep flying in the romantic life of your dreams.


Together, we will defy gravity and logic as we gracefully dance upon the water’s surface. With a love that exceeds all expectations, we will leave a wake of sparkling waters behind us that shimmers like blue diamonds. 


I will cause your dreams to emerge as I serenade you like a grebe bird’s courtship dance. I will meet your sacrifice of trust with wonders too beautiful to fathom. 


The difficulties that you have endured are over and past. Nothing is like what you have been through. That time has come and gone. The materialization of My love promise is happening fast, and it will suddenly show up behind you. 


You won’t see it coming, and out of nowhere this promise will be tangible. Like hummingbirds flying backwards, extraordinary love will emerge and begin where it started. 


Newness is in the air and My vows are coming to the surface to fulfill the dreams that I gave you. You fell in love once with those dreams, and now it will happen again with flourishing fulfillment. 


After all that you have been through, it’s time for something good. Love is opening up to give what you have always missed. You’ll be covered with a permanent grin as you settle into the new level of freedom and indescribable bliss. 




Scribed by Dannette


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