Love Letters

The Weather is Changing


A love letter from the Father


Loveliest flower, how can you feel bad when you abide in the joy of all I have promised? Don’t be afraid, dearest darling, I adore you, and you can count on Me to help! 


Breathe with ease, I am with you! I have carried you all of this way, and I will continue to cover you under the safety of My wings. Remember where all of this started…when I gave you a promise to give you a life like you’ve always wanted. 


What is the point of having the wings to fly into fulfillment, without making the decision to believe that the promise is yours and use them? Dream without fear, and I will do exceedingly more than you could ever hope or imagine!


I will hide you from shame and dress you in the dream, like covering you in shimmering pearls of delight and honor. Replace your worries for a pearlescent treasure, and choose to believe in the newness that I have promised. 


Predict how this will be as you think of yourself in the place that I promised, like a weather forecaster planning ahead by watching the radar of what is coming. 


Lift off into the open air and become all that I promised that you could be, starting now. You must detach from the life that you don’t want, before entering the one that you do. See yourself just as I promised, and let that be your only truth. 


Lift your thoughts up with faith-filled optimism, like a water fowl flapping her wings to rise up and escape the fire ant’s relentless stings. See your hopes coming true, like a fluffy white goose who can see objects that are further away in finer details than humans. 


Receive and believe–it’s already yours! Celebrate and feel it as true as can be, and I will ensure that it takes flight as your new reality. Fix your hopes on Me to fulfill this dream for your delight and enjoyment. Like eating from a chocolate spoon, I will serve you with the richness of your hopes coming true. 


Be flexible with how this will open up, and remember that the smallest changes can dramatically add up. The wonderful transformation may not appear all at once, but you’ll see the beauty of the whole picture quickly coming together. 


The weather is changing to cause this dream to be your present reality. The cold will no longer sting your skin and I will envelop you in the warm, comforting sun.


It will seem too good to be true as every thing settles into place perfectly for you! It will look like a snow-white dream, as all of My heavenly treasures begin to pile up.


Little by little and bit by bit–you’ll accumulate the blessings as I change you into exactly what I promised. Before you know it–you’ll be covered in glittering pearls and the troubles that caused you grief will no longer be visible.  


Glistening beauty will emerge like a snow goose flowering cherry tree in full bloom. I will surround you with the flourishing dream coming out, like a delicate pink Sakura tree blossoming on an early Spring morning. 


I will adorn you with wings of pearls and your beauty will radiate like sunlight on a goose’s face that glows with electric allurement. 


The skies will be fair as I adorn you with an incredibly tangible love. The forecast will be beauty as I help this little dream come true. Fulfillment is coming, and it’s coming out sooner than you knew. 


You’ll suddenly be amazed to see that I have covered you in iridescent pearls from the crown of your head to the bottom of your feet. I’ll clothe you in the most exquisite beauty and give you the exact outcome that you have prayed for!




Scribed by Dannette

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