Love Letters

Something that you just can’t miss

A love letter from the Father 


Beloved, don’t trust how things feel right now, there are situations that are not presenting as they are. Like a watercolor painting with lines that are blurred, there is much more to the story than you know about. 


Like golden marigolds blooming from the dust and battleground, I am giving you a very special reconciliation and love beyond the warfare and sorrows. 


Although you have trudged through the mud and faced deep humilations and regret, I am giving you a new memory that will change everything into a deeply desirable look. 


The restlessness that you have felt is because your spirit is eagerly sensing a change of situations on all sides. Instead of the old familiar memories that you have known, you’ll be joining in a new adventure as a new beginning arrives. 


You’ll be immediately lifted with happiness in your heart, as I take away the sorrowful background music that made you feel hopeless and helpless to make things right. 


Just as you cannot recover spilled milk, you cannot change what has been done or how that felt. That is why I am stepping in the middle of this to help! I am clearing the lines of communication and making things right. 


Like getting a fresh start beyond the war, I am changing the direction of hearts and bringing everything together in the sunniest way. 


I will make up for the blasts of warfare and pain, as I adorn you with layers and layers of comfort, like marigolds with soft blankets of colorful petals. 


Your sorrows are changing into gold, like waves of marigolds pushing the hidden blessings out. It’s time for this story to shine as I cause the battlegrounds to reconcile in lovely ways. 


A breathtaking array of sunny color will splash over the wounds of warfare. You’ll be surprised with a gift of My tangible love, like the marigold blossom–the gift that keeps on giving with love. 


I am going to deliver a surprise that you cannot miss with a special experience of meeting your promise. Look for the fresh new petals of My tangible love to appear, like red marigold flowers that look like tender-loving hearts in the garden.


Just as marigolds contain lutien, which is healthful to eyesight, I will cause this fullness to emerge in a way that you could never overlook. 


Like a marigold with a clock shaped, face, this is the time when everything changes in a positive way. A dream that was promised will start to show itself for you and the elusive longing is blossoming out into a dream come true. 


Although you have waited for longer than you can bear, I am finishing what I started with a fulfillment that you just can’t miss. You know, My dear heart, that you will see this fulfilled and that I am moving things forward with a miracle help. 


This story will take on a sunny new color, as I give you the fullness of this hidden treasure. Out of nowhere and completely sooner than you thought, bold new flowers will appear with the very best uplifting appeal! 




Scribed by Dannette



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