Love Letters

You are only moving upwards now

A love letter from the Father



Expect a sudden positive change as I turn your troubles around, My dear one. I will help you to rise back up from such a painful fall. Don’t worry, dear heart, this won’t take long. You are only moving upwards now. 


What I have called will not afflicted or held down any longer. Breathe easier and relax, dear heart. I am lifting you up above the attacks that have been sent. The assaults that gave you a set back are changing into a powerful bounce back. 


Rise out of the dirt, as I give you wings of pearls. Be fearlessly confident in your gifting, I am with you. I will cause you to ascend to great heights from your uniqueness as your scars are transformed into indescribable beauty. 


Just as irritations form a luminous pearl, the warfare that you have endured is coming back to you like the thick nacre that creates the stunning glow of akoya pearls. 


Like akoya pearls with a shiny, bright luster that reflects light with intense precision, I am sharping My beauty and favor over your life to give you a life-changing elevation. You’ll be collecting blessings from above, as I comfort you with My ever-intentional love. 


The persecutions and attacks against you have worked to bless you, like the very cold waters that cause akoya pearls to be adorned with a mirror-like luster. 


The attacks against you have only caused to you increase in honor, like cold waters causing the oyster to produce more nacre to be very concentrated with extra-luxurious layers. 


The uniqueness of your gifting is attracting you to blessings, like an akoya pearl with iridescent pure hues of white, rose, and silver. You’ll go viral for your loveliness as I elevate you to the world and I will cause you to lead many to know of My all-present love. 


As you ascend, I will vindicate your name and cause even your enemies to have a change of heart and see the unparalleled beauty that you are. 


 I am causing you to rise from out of the chaos. Like the rare exquisiteness of a rose nautilus, you’ll be set apart from the crowd. More and more beauty will be added to your life, like a nautilus that expands into its shell and causes more chambers to open up. 


Expect something unexpectedly good to happen for you as I step in to lift you above enemy attacks. It will be just as you have hoped and something that you have desperately prayed for Me to do is already starting to rise out. 



Scribed by Dannette



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