Faith Stories

The Blue Bell Promise


Sometime over the past couple of years, I was praying through a personal love letter that I had to deliver for someone. Sometimes when I start to pray about a certain person, the Lord will just show me a color.


From seeing that color, I will have to press in with my faith to see what it is. This specific time, God was giving me a message for someone that was all about blue bell flowers. 


At first, I saw the color blue next to the person’s name and as I leaned into Jesus, I could see and hear Him saying “Blue bell”. Although this was a personal prophesy for that person at that time, the Lord is leading me to share it with you. 


There are many who are going through a “blue bell” time. The blue bell time is when there is tremendous change happening under the ground. The vast majority of a blue bell flower blooms and grows underground. 


That means that there is so much happening that cannot be seen or heard. But in the secret place under the earth, the roots are spreading out of the bulb and the beautiful mesmerizing flowers are about to show themselves. 


It comes out of nowhere, just when you think there is nothing happening at all. I would like to share a part of this personal blue bell letter with you so that you can be relieved to know that your prayers are being answered–even if it doesn’t look like it. 


So much growth is taking place out of the visible places and out of nowhere–you’ll see your prayers fulfilled like a carpet of dreamy blue bells covering the ground. 


Here is a part of the personal love letter. If you would like me to pray for a personal love letter for you as well, I would be so very happy to do so! Just follow the link below for more info. Blessings and love to you as always, Dannette 



This time for you is not at all how it looks or seems. It may look as though nothing is happening or there is nothing around, but like blue bell flowers, most of the movement of the growth happens underground. 


Things will suddenly shift and change, as the violet glow of bluebells suddenly blankets the ground with an overnight arrival. It will be impossible to miss, and you will love it more than you ever thought that you would! 


The sweet-smelling flowers will instantly erupt into full growth to blanket the ground, like a sea of blue in a whimsical woodland forest. The majority of beauty that is about to adorn your life is happening in a place that is out of sight. 


Although you cannot see it happen or watch how quickly the roots grow as underground bulbs, there is more than meets the eye, and you will soon be pleasantly surprised! 


I will cause you to taste the sweetest love that you have ever known, as your faith brings up fruit from under the ground. Like raspberries that are part of the rose family, I will show you My everlasting love so vigorously. 


I have framed your life in a border of My Sovereign protection, and that beauty and fruit that is coming will in no way be stolen or fall to the ground. You’ll be able to kick your feet up as you watch Me bless you–over and over again. 


For every place where there was worry or fear before, you will see a harvest of love that is greater than anything anyone has seen or heard of in this time. 


I am going to show you a fairytale-like dream coming true, as I reach down to wrap My infinite love around every detail of your life. I won’t let you down–instead, I will cause you to spill over with joy and laughter, like the raspberries-derived name that means “a sweet rose-colored wine”


It will be worth the weight in gold for all that you have endured and been through. I will show you loveliness beyond your wildest hopes and your hopes will become tangible and pour out as a rich flow of blessings for all that you know and have heard what I have done just for you.






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