Love Letters

The Scene Has Changed

A love letter from Jesus 



The scene changed already, My bride, to cause you to ascend into exceedingly great heights. You have Divine treasures to share of many encounters that you have had and will have from My love made tangible. There have been treasures that you have sitting on and have stashed away, and I all calling you to open up the diamonds of your story. 


Before you were even born, I chose you for a very special purpose. Like writing with a pen of angel feathers, I have given you a special place to tell My stories. 


Refuse to allow fear to hold you back, and rise up against the anxious gravity that tries to hold you down. Decide to dwell in faith as you trust My love to keep you safe. I will cover you securely and shelter you in My strong arms. I will always be there, especially now when you need Me so deeply. 


Darling, I will do as you have asked, as you stay on this destined path. My favor rests upon you and there is nothing, by any means, that can hurt you or take you out of My embrace. 


Let there be no fear and no overthinking. Just stay where the light of hope is and let your mind be light with optimistic thoughts. After you pray, rest in the outcome of the request, and don’t go back and forth between worry and doubt. 


From the beginning, you were hand-chosen to share your Heavenly encounters and tell My stories. You are spectacular like a diamond, My dear, and the gifts that you share brings others hope and joy. 


Congratulations on your promotion! Forget about who may or may not accept you–because I have chosen to bless you. Promotion comes from Me, and anyone who resists you will only bring trouble upon themselves. 


Lock your eyes on Me as I take the lead to move you higher and increase your impact. Cheer yourself on as you start rising. Be immersed in My love, as you take My hand to come to the front. 


You will see My presence in glorious new ways, through manifestation of promises after promises coming to pass like billions of sunflowers in the garden.


You have seen so much, and you will see so much more–as I take you into a dream come true with more encounters than you are ready for! 


I am inviting you to experience the destiny that you have been prepared for. Just as I have laid down My life for you, I am asking you to lay your life down by sharing My love with others. 


Choose to deny the intimidation and fears, as you accept this honor of rising higher than you have ever dreamed or thought that you would. 


I will deal with the critics and accusers, just enjoy the sheer loveliness of being wrapped in My presence. Just follow Me, beloved, and I will bring down those who resists you. Those who have been opposing you will never attack you again, as I openly crown you with justice, favor, love, and respect. 


You’ll be protected in every situation, and I will conceal you from those with violent thoughts. You’ll rest securely between My shoulders, as I re-introduce you as My beloved. 


Come up here, loveliest one! I will show you how to dance upon the clouds! I will restore the joy that you once had as a young child, when you twirled and smiled, with sparkles in your eyes. With complete freedom and without disgrace or worry–being marvelously as you are before you knew anything else. 


Shining star, just keep being the wonderful beauty that you are! Keep sharing as you have always done, as you open yourself up to be seen and loved. Hold on to the end, as you ascend, and you’ll see how easily every worry melts off. It will be so natural for you, My dear, and you will love wearing these destined shoes. You were born for this! 


You haven’t seen anything yet! I have so much more to show you and give! I will raise you up with My own hand and bestow you with honor from Heavenly realms. 


Place your hand in Mine, My bride, and I will lift you up as your enemies are silenced. I will call back those who threw you down and cast you out–so they can see that it is you–whom I have loved and selected from the start. 




Scribed by Dannette






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