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Robe of Violets




I recently received one of the loveliest personal love letters for someone, and it was titled “robe of violets”. In the letter, there was a promise from God to make up for the injustices that were done to this person. 


God promised to place her in a robe of violets, much like Joseph’s robe of many colors. I didn’t know this before writing the letter, but violets also come in a rainbow of colors. 


This is just a tiny snippet of the 5-page personal love letter this person received. It truly ravished my heart with so much of the Father’s love to bring justice and restore honor to His original placement. 


Like grief that refuses to be soothed, cries from the uneven scales of how you have been treated will not be removed until I have vindicated your name and made all the rough edges beautifully smooth. 


Like a dried flower, that once shown with radiant blue but later faded through time into a dusty pastel, the pain, betrayal, and heartache that you have endured has not been forgotten even if it appears that it has. 


Some stories just took a little more time and placement, to ensure that you are given the best possible blessing and Divine lighting. 


A story of injustice that seems lost and dismissed will rise back to the surface, like a field of naturally beautiful wildflowers being revived after they have been trampled upon. 


I will cause you to rise up to stand on lavish heights, like a wild-flower flourishing in the same place where it started. 


Not only that, but I have covered more details than you can even remember! You’ll be amazed by how intimately every offense has been covered with vindication.


I will dazzle your eyes with sunny yellow’s, purples, and oranges to take over the fields that once seemed dormant and barren. You’ll be adorned with only the best–respect, honor, and blessings–as I cause you to sparkle with the purest dew of My love and affections. 


From the place where you were once left and buried, I will raise you up and place you in a robe of violets. Your life will continue to become more and more captivating, like winter violets that are endlessly blooming.


Love will flourish in even the most fire stricken places, and the alpine meadows will become bursting with the tiny treasures of speckled violets”



A personal love letter touches deeper than the surface. It goes into those places where comfort is needed the most, and it restores. It gives a promise of hope and a future—it gives peace and comfort. 


It also inspires with excitement to what is ahead and when fully received–it can cause love to spring back to life again–as what was lost is restored. 


I invite you to receive a personal love letter for yourself


This personal love letter service can be used as often as you desire or need–for as long as God has me doing them. 


Sometimes, like a diamond, there are so many promises and issues that we need a fresh touch from God for, and one letter rarely covers the whole rainbow. 


Each one is completely unique and deeply prayed over for that person. Every letter also has a symbolic prophetic theme, such as the violets in this one. 


I also pray that you are encouraged to never discount yourself or your value, because of someone else’s dirty opinion. You are as God says that you are, and nothing can change that. 


You have a robe of violets, and you were called and chosen to be honored. Very frequently, those who willingly yield their thoughts to be used by evil will try to make others believe evil about a person before they are raised up with public honor from God. 


That is the worthless and low level attempt of witchcraft to try to stop what God is about to do through that person. 


If you find yourself being discounted by others–then celebrate–because that means God is about to openly vindicate you and honor you with a robe of violets–and every wrong will be righted. 


Your critics will feel nothing but remorse and shame as God publicly and fiercely defends your name. He will open what no man and open, and when God blesses you–nothing can stop that. 


I love you and may God bless you to be wrapped in a robe of violets–today and always.


Love, Dannette


…and then He covered me

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