Love Letters

You cannot dream forever, dear heart

A love letter from Jesus



Although you endured the humiliation and harshness of unbearable times, that is not who you are and that is not where you were ever meant to stay. 


You cannot dream forever, dear heart, it’s time to wake up and allow this dream to come alive. Breathe deep, I am right here. You don’t have to be afraid, I have covered everything. 


Darling, stay through this with Me. I know that it takes all that remains to keep going, but I invite you to take My hand as we turn the page to a new beginning. 


Rise from the ashes, My dear, as I re-introduce you as who you were destined to be. You never know what could happen next, when you surrender with complete abandon into My plans. 


I am awakening you to the flames of tangible love, as you rise from the ashes of the anguish of all you have been through. 


You can do this! Have faith in Me to bring you through this! It’s time for a brand-new adventure, My love, it’s your appointed time to shine. 


Like a solar flare exploding from the sun with a sudden release of change, I am going to cause a sudden event to erupt that will transform the way that your life looks completely. 


Beloved, don’t stand in your own way or resist this dream from coming. Move into the flame of the new, as you welcome the dreams that you have always wanted to be true. 


You cannot hide forever, dear heart. It is too late to run–you are already being seen under the banner of My radiant love. Embrace the fire of this experience as you let My love wash over all of your fears to replace them with love. 


Be fearless, beloved, you have something truly special. This will be so much better than you think! Close your eyes to your insecurities and allow My love to cover everything. 


Let your fears melt away and rise up into your powerful destiny. Choose to trust Me even more as you dive into this new world. Let the dream come alive as we start moving into the moments that you have been waiting for. 


This won’t seem so scary once you are there. Just take a deep breath and trust that I know what I am doing. In an instant, everything will be completely changed and new. 


Dance in the fire of My love and rise up like nothing else matters but following My calling in your heart. Yield completely to Me as a living sacrifice that I have chosen to honor.


Every attack against you has already been turned, and now you will taste the vengeance that I am serving to those who resisted you. 


Embrace the excitement and the fluttering butterflies that come with learning to fly! See how wonderful it feels to live out your dreams–you may just be pleasantly surprised! 


I am about to change your entire life and make things much sweeter for you. Don’t worry about anything, just rest in the flow of events as I carry you. I will pick up the pieces that come with the change, and you will come out of this time looking better than you ever believed.


I am introducing a new pace and things will start moving incredibly fast. Everything can change in a matter of minutes, like a solar flare releasing an intense burst of radiation from a large and explosive event. 


You are now on the rise, My dear one. Everything that you have wanted is happening for you, and it is going to be so much better than anything you have ever dared to dream or hoped to see. 


You cannot dream forever, My heart, it’s time to wake up and see this thing out. The days of only dreaming are no more.


Some of the best things that will happen are those that you never saw coming. Watch as I make history just for you! Your tangible dream is coming out to be the truest version of you that you have ever seen, and you will love this so much more than anything that you have ever experienced before!





❤️Scribed by Dannette



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