Love Letters

A ray of light will emerge through the clouds

A love letter from the Father



My dear, you are not forgotten, and you are never out of My thoughts. All that I have promised is sure to come, and there are big changes coming that you cannot see right now. 


The end of bad times is here now, so don’t lose hope for this moment. This is the changing of the tides to bring you relief and comfort from your sorrows and grief. Expect to see favor like you have never seen!


These difficulties are not how things will remain. This is not the end for you, My cherished child. Go back to what I have promised–and trust Me all over again. It will surely happen, and once again your joy will be filled as I deliver an overflow of tangible relief. 


As a matter of fact, My dear one, something wonderful is flowing in now. I am sending fresh waves of My goodness to kick-start the next chapter and comfort you from feeling so low. 


Allow Me to help you to remember the dreams that you have been waiting to see. Don’t give up on what you have believed–I will meet you at your confident expectations of faith. Instead of weeping from anguish, you will be laughing with relief. 


Keep believing, My beautiful one, a lot can be accomplished when you have faith. Good things will come from what you have believed, and you’ll be amazed by your unimaginable harvest that is rushing in.


Beloved heart, this is the turning point! What you have been hoping to see will happen despite what you see. This situation is turning around to reveal a ray of sunshine that bursts through the clouds. Let your faith rise back up and stir your receiving attitude of gratitude. 


Although you endured pain and discomfort, I am making up for your grief with double the joy and comfort. Come back to hope, My treasured heart, something very exciting is about to start. 


A surprise is rolling in–and you will see it at any moment. Instead of facing hardship and more gloom, a ray of light will emerge through the clouds. It was as if you were dreaming—as I replace the burdens of your sorrows with My blessings and help. 



Scribed by Dannette



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