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Mirror of Attention




There was something that I deeply desired to have, and I was praying and asking God to make a way for me to have it. As I was praying, God surprised me with a vision of that thing in the place where we are living. 


Then God took me on a little journey of how I should perceive my life. He showed me that our lives are like a mirror. A mirror will reflect the image of whatever is in front it. 


So instead of seeing myself in lack of having that desire, God showed me to see from the vision of promise that He gave me and to see that I already have what I prayed for. 


I really wanted to go to the store that same day and buy what I had been wanting, so I spent hours of placing that vision before the mirror of how I saw my life. I made a deliberate choice to focus my attention on seeing that thing as real in my life. 


Instead of seeing what wasn’t there and what I was wanting to have, I saw that vision of my longing over and over and over. Anytime that I started to think about how much I wanted to buy it, I would just see the vision that God gave me and feel the relief and contentment that I already had it. 


I kept placing that vision before the mirror of my “attention” for hours, and then God made it happen. I received what I needed to go to the store and make that vision come true. 


Our world is a reflection of whatever we focus on, like a mirror. So if we are always focusing on what we need, or our sickness, or problems, that is what we will see materialize (or continue) in our lives. 


So if we are focusing on the same problems, then those same problems will continue to be there with us. 


Yet, if we focus on what God has promised and place that in front of our mirror of attention, then God’s promises will emerge and occupy the place where there was need or lack before. 


That is why it is so important to take our attention off of what we want or need or our difficulties. Instead, we should see everything from the solutions that God promised. 


As a man thinks, so is he. That also means that the outer world is only a reflection of what is within. Whatever we are focused is what we are placing into that mirror to come out in the natural realm. 


We can change our situation by changing what we present in front of the mirror of our attention. Instead of feeling the disconnection from God’s promises by wanting them to happen, abide in them as though they already have. 


Remind yourself of what God promised you, every time you are “wanting” that promise to come to pass. See it in your life and focus on that vision of fulfillment. 


Turn away from the problems that you presently have and stay looking into the mirror of what God has promised would be done. What you see in the mirror of attention is what will come.


Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to transfer that reflection into our world. But don’t ever doubt that you have it, just be patient and keep seeing it as yours.


I believe God has been preparing me for a gigantic sized lesson of this “mirror of attention” test coming up, so I am prepping myself in advance. I had an encounter with Jesus as the Physician the other night and in the vision, He said that I was completely healed. 


Then He placed me in a waiting room with a bed. Inside the room, there were love songs playing of His promises to me. God was showing me to rest in His promise and let His love promises be the only thing that captivates my attention. 


I know that what is coming is going to be very big, and it will be a challenge, but I am excited to see God’s promise emerge from that mirror of attention. 


The last thing that I want to say is that God gives us these love letters of promise as a powerful tool to see every word come to pass. However, if we are always putting the negative problems and needs into the mirror of our attention, then those promises will not happen. 


The promises only happen, when you place them in front of the mirror of your attention to be reflected as fulfilled into your life. The mirror reflects what is real. So you get the choice….a blessing or a curse. 


Choose to put what God has promised in front of that mirror to become real in your life…or continue to see your difficulties remain by keeping your attention on those negative things. 


It takes a deliberate effort to ignore our present troubles and only see things from the vision of what God has promised. Using the mirror technique is powerful, and I have seen it bring many desires into the fulfillment for my life in only this weekend. 


It’s true that some of those things God promises us can take a little while before we see the fulfillment reflected into our lives. Yet at the same time, it can happen today.


Nothing is impossible, and there are no limits to how quickly the thing that you place in the mirror of your attention can emerge into your current life. 


So I invite you today to fast with me from needs, sicknesses, issues, and desires. Instead, let’s feast on all God has promised and keep our attention and focus as seeing them already here. 


Let us place those lovely, wonderful, and things of good report into the mirror of our attention and celebrate with enthusiasm that they will soon be touchable and real in our lives. Because once you can see it as done, then you already have it. 


So celebrate in your fulfillment because it’s only a matter of time before the thing that was placed before the mirror of our attention is materialized for us to enjoy. 


Love you much, 




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