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The Haman Will Fall


Look, he is bloated with self-importance, who has built himself a kingdom made of lies. His name meaning magnificent, because he is a master of disguise. From his lips, he speaks a web of lies and slanders the names of those who trust in God. Sitting in a boastful place, he is confident in his own strength. He trusts only in the false security of the castle he has made, with the mortar of pride.


To himself, he believes that he is a god. He thinks that no one can ever take him down. A magician of deceit, he plots the innocent victim’s death. He built himself a tall tower out of self-fabricated wealth. Through his crafty laundering, he has embezzled from the house of God. His crown is one of injustice, it sits crookedly on his head.


From the throne of God, the victim’s voices are heard crying out. Unable to defend themselves, they are looking to the Lord for help. Even through the pain, they were able to forgive. They cry out, “Why God do you allow this injustice to happen? Please lean down to help stop the work of wickedness and lies! Undo the works of evil and let justice arise”.


Yet upon the horizon, comes the radiance of the dawn’s breaking light! God is on His way, to save those who have cried to Him for help. Those who have been trusting in His justice and who cling to His promises for dear life. The skies are blazing with the splendor of the Lord Jesus Christ. His light is exploding in the air and power shoots out of His hands. He is coming to reverse the works of the wicked and to restore honor to the names of His elect.


This Haman thought that he could take down the anointed ones of God. He proudly targeted the weakness of those who refused to believe his lies. This Haman didn’t realize that he was set up. He was allowed a short time to build himself high, only so that he could be taken down and the humble one would be raised up instead.


From his works of wickedness, he engineered his own ruin. In ruining others, he has ruined himself. The lies of his foundations are falling apart. The bricks of his castle will speak up to accuse him first. The woodwork will step forward with evidence to convict. Pink flowers of grace are blooming for God’s elect. What God has promised them will come right on time.


The honor that the Haman was seeking will be given to God’s chosen ones instead. The wicked works of his heart will be open and placed on display. In an instant, all of his plans will fall apart and the Lord’s purpose will remain.  Every evil plot will fall apart on his own head. His kingdom is falling, it’s tumbling down. The pride of his heart has become his downfall.


God has made sure that nothing comes from his castle of lies and distortion. The walls are falling down and his castle will turn to dust. God is never late. He will expose and take down, the proud who oppose His way.


Your prayers have been heard for justice and to reverse the works of wickedness in your life. The Haman will surely fall, his kingdom will not remain. The lies will be exposed and the crookedness made straight. The light of dawn is breaking. All that the enemy has stolen and destroyed, will be restored. What you have lost will be given back, even better than before. Keep trusting in God, He has not forgotten your prayers. What was done in the dark is coming quickly to the light.



Written by Dannette Lynn



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