Love Letters

Validated by God

A love letter from the Father
An emperor penguin can withstand the coldest, most frigid temperatures. He has the highest density of feathers of any bird. He is highly adapted to life in the water. He dives deep into the freezing cold waters to catch his food.
You have contended through the harshest levels of warfare, by holding onto what you believe. Against all hope, you hoped and held onto your faith.
I have given you blueprints of what will take place. Dreamers are warriors, of a high place. When it looks completely impossible, those dreams will come to life.
Like a deep-sea diver, you have gone deep into My heart with trust, to bring out the treasures of promise and rewards of great faith. As most penguins lay double eggs, you have been positioned to receive Double Blessings.
By faith you have stood grounded in Me, waiting for what I have shown you in the spirit. You held My Word, reaching for Me. You have believed by faith in what I have said, holding your head high in confident trust.
Just beyond what you can see, I am the Hero, reaching for you. No one has seen a God such as Me, who acts for those who wait. I will validate your faith with a fireworks display of manifesting what I have said. From the hiddenness, I am putting on a public display of My love. Suddenly, it will blast off like a rocket shooting into space.
You have been trained as an overcomer in the harshest levels of war. The waves that crashed against you, have only made you stronger. The uncomfortable situations made you grow. You have been prepared in the secret place for the calling that I have appointed.
You have learned to reach into the spirit by faith and receive what I have promised. My Words are spirit and life. You have absolute confidence in the things that you cannot see. Your faith is confidence in Me.
I will prove the accuracy of what you have believed, making it official. I will remind you of things forgotten, in your time of need. I reveal the deep things of darkness, to bring utter darkness to light.
What was hidden is coming quickly to the light. I deeply love you and I will introduce you as My beloved, My anointed in whom I have chosen.
You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you to bear fruit. My grace will do the impossible and bring the vision to life. My arm will be revealed. All who have been watching you stand by faith will see it together.
Forget the troubles of the past, in a single moment, everything will change. I have great plans for you, plans that you will love. I know your heart, even better than you know yourself. I have chosen you and called you by name.
The favor of My presence is swelling up like thick clouds of rain, to pour out buckets of My goodness. I chose you and I am rolling out the red carpet of My love.
I am filling your life with My love, rising up from the heat of refining, like fire in your blood. I have redeemed you and called you by name, you are Mine.
I have shown you the things to come so that you could rest in My joy, and when it does happen, your faith will be confirmed. In the journey of deep spiritual things, there will be a reward for the accuracy of your faith.
I am turning the tables in your life. My favor will be your shield, so have the courage to rest in My love. You are My beloved and I have chosen you. From the fire of faith-testing, you will be adorned in My glorious light.
Your faith will be affirmed by the great depths of My love. Because you were willing to wait, I will give you abundant gifts of grace. My cherished one, no more hiding, you will be openly validated by God.
Scribed by Dannette Ward
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