Love Letters

Take Good Care of Your Dream


Most pregnancies feel like they will last forever, it’s only natural to grow restless with the pressure and discomfort. It takes time for all of the baby’s organs and details to develop. In the prophetic pregnancy of your dream, the spiritual realm is very busy, even if you cannot see it in the natural. Carrying so much weight can take a toll on the body, it is good to get relief from the burdens that you carry.


While it feels like nothing is happening and your growing weary of the waiting, there is a miracle taking place that you cannot see. Your baby’s small fingernails form and he develops tiny fingerprints. Deep inside the womb, your baby is kicking and stretching, as his diaphragm develops. He will feel it when you gently poke your tummy, as you enter the later stages. Your baby’s brain becomes very active and his lungs begin to form and mature. As your due date becomes closer your prophetic baby begins to look like a newborn.


At 39 weeks your baby is considered full term. The number 39 in the Greek is ayiov, which is a sanctuary, a Holy place. Your dream was divinely given by God to reveal the awe of His majesty. Your promise is a divine guarantee if you will believe. While stuck in this hard place, the only way out for this baby is through the birth and delivery of what God has promised.


Your faith comprehends as fact, what cannot be expressed naturally. Too much stress is not good for your baby, just as stress weakens the human brain and grief weakens the lungs. It is time to lay those burdens down again, this is what the Father says:


β€œBefore your thought was even formed, I know it altogether. My plans are to prosper you and not to harm you. I know what you need before you say it. I know the tiny details of your life and the worries that you face. I know what you hope for and the depths of your dreams. I know the burdens of your heart and your inner cries for relief.


I can see beyond the mountains at your feet. I have gone before you to make a plan that includes My very best. Before you were even a thought, I spoke your name into existence. I drew the path of your fingerprints and covered your dreams with My beauty.


The tension and pressure that you feel, is helping to push out the baby. These burdens are not good for you to carry. Shut down the negative thoughts and disempower those fears. I am faithful to My promises. Those who expect and hope in Me will gain new strength and renewal of power. You will rise up close to My heart, rich in trust and love.


The mind controlled by the spirit is life and peace. My glory and majesty will be revealed to you because I have spoken it. The obstacles that you see will be removed. You have been anointed with fresh oil. Growing like a cedar in Lebanon, you are majestic and stable.


I am fiercely for you, who should you fear? Lift up your eyes on High to see My works. I am your light and your salvation. Lift up your voice, lift up and do not fear. Wash your prayers in My Word, believe that I will honor the one who diligently believes.


I have good news, good plans for your life, there is no reason to be afraid. I did not lead you this deep to drown you. Rather My plans are for your blessing. My goodness and mercy will follow you all of your days. Yes, wait for and confidently expect for My goodness.


I am good and I will never let you down. Fear is defeated, you are untouchable, My favor is your shield. Don’t allow your mind to wander to the negative, embrace the good report. Speak My promises as vitamins, don’t abort this baby.


Faith is the substance of what you hope for, the evidence of that unseen. Everything is happening according to My plan and right on time. I guard the path of your justice and preserve your way. By faith, you received the strength to conceive this promise, My Word implanted in your spiritual womb. Fill your dream baby with inherent trust and enduring confidence in the power, wisdom, and goodness of My Heart for you.Β 


Rushing the baby can jeopardize his life, it is good to wait for Me. At the final birth, there will be a relief of all tension. What you believed will be visible and exposed before your eyes. When the newborn leaves the birth canal, his nervous system reacts to the change and your baby of promise will take his first breath. Joy will replace the pain, at the sound of his cries.Β 


Fill your baby with what he needs, choosing to expect for good things. Just because you see nothing, doesn’tΒ mean that nothing is happening. Don’t worry My dear, I am taking care of you! Stress isn’t good for your baby. Give Me all your burdens, cast your cares away and leave them with Me. Lay your worries down and rest your weary head. Take good care of your dream. Follow the rhythm of My breathing and trust in Me again”.






Written by Dannette Lynn





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