Love Letters

An End of the Moth




A love letter from the Father.



Moth means ash, to fall away and be broken to pieces. Your former riches and garments may have been moth-eaten, but this is the end of the moth. No longer will you be hungry, but you will be satisfied with the eliteness of milk and honey.


The wilderness was a time of humbling where authentic beauty grows like wildflowers in the tall grass and like phlox flowers that grow in the ditch. You are rich in faith, an heir to My Kingdom, I have promised you because I love you. In building your dream, humility is part of growing in beauty. My beloved, you’ve captured My heart.


Though you had a bad moment in time, find the silver lining of the moonlight that hits the dark cloud. Let’s begin to turn it all around. Before you even prayed, your need was provided. I will support you and be all that need. I’ll be your best friend in any kind of need. Lay it all down and look at Me. Return your heart to where our love first began, before the hard times of struggle and perseverance.


You have come full circle from when I first spoke My Word. Back to the beginning, I am doing exactly as I said I would. My eye is always on you. Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. This journey has shown My faithfulness and has made our relationship even stronger.


I am your keeper, who never slumbers or sleeps. I have blessed you with laughter and all who hear your story will be happy with you. You will not be put to shame, but those who persecute you, saying β€˜where is the word of the Lord?’ will be put to shame. A false balance is an abomination to My sight, but a just balance is My delight.


Behold the Lord your God is your helper, who is the one who can condemn you? I have made My word like fire in your mouth and these doubters the wood it consumes. None of my words will be delayed, what I have spoken will be fulfilled. The battle between expectancy and doubt has been pressing the pure oil out.


Come to Me with confidence to receive mercy and grace to help in your time of need. I am the peace to your troubled seas. Don’t be anxious, just trust and believe. The lily of the field neither toils nor spins. Even Solomon is his glory was not surrounded by as much beauty as these.


The moth will not pursue you anymore, this is the end. You are rising up like a butterfly with a new life. I am about to promote you, this is your ascent. There is a new road ahead, you have come full circle. The process has made you a humble crown of wildflower beauty. You will move like a bullet, super fast, released from the pressure to rise to the mountaintop of limitless splendor”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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