Love Letters

The Beauty and Pain of Success


A love letter from the Father 


Stepping up to your calling and chosen place is like becoming a ballet dancer. The long rigorous training is like the wilderness season, preparing your heart and mind. Learning to wear and prepare the ballet shoes is about becoming one with who you truly are in your Father’s heart. The dancer’s shoes are broken, burned, cut and ripped through the process of preparation. Long warm-ups are needed to prevent injury as the muscles are heated and stretched. If you don’t prepare the shoes correctly, the cost could be dangerous.


You have to be sure that you can trust the shoe, for it is the identity shoe of who you are called to be, by which you perform the dancing technique. The work done to the shoes will shape the time when you are under the light of the stage. Once you are confident in your identity as a bride of Christ, the shoe becomes part of your body, as you grow into your destiny as a confident beauty. The dancer’s feet toughen up and she gets used to the pain through endurance.


The dancer’s feet are not beautiful, they are covered with blisters and large joints that reveal the costly price that she has paid at the altar of surrender. Behind the beauty is the evidence of the pain that she has suffered. The most majestic dancer has endured the most pain. Yet her threshold to pain is higher because of how she trains every day. Most beauty comes from a painful place. The dancer needs strong ankles to get up on her toes. The shoes need to be scraped down for traction on the stage.


It is in the heat and pressure of the fire, where she returns with handfuls of diamonds to scatter. Sweat and hard work fill her days, behind the moments of glamour on the stage. It was worth the hard days of training to do what she loves. A dancer is born from the heart. Ballet dancers train hard, having muscles in areas that most people don’t. The name “Ballerina” is reserved for the principal dancers who have answered the call and paid the price to train.


“Hear My voice beloved, calling you up higher. Expand the joints and stretch the muscles of your mind to prepare for moving up. A ballerina is able to handle stress and pressure with grace and peace, through the highs and lows of success. Your situations will be used to set up your stage. Keep your eyes set on Me and you will not become dizzy by what you see. I want you to be confident in the shoes that I have given to you, be confident in who you are to Me. Sometimes you need to stand alone, with an audience of One, to re-discover the flame of your heart. If you dance from your heart and not your mind, your feet will follow strong. No one can stop your fire.


Don’t let anyone take your joy. This is a dream coming to life. People may try to label and rate you when they don’t understand your position in My heart. Know that I have chosen you, remain solid in where I have called you and what I have given you to speak. Let your heart be committed through the change with concise and accurate movements, leaning closely to My Word. Allow your feet to follow My heartbeat as you move with Me. 



My faithfulness is your shield if war were to break out against you. Have confidence in My rescue. In the day of trouble, I will hide you in My Pavillion. You will never be alone, I am on your side. Those who come against you will fall for your sake. Before destruction the heart of a man is haughty, but humility goes before honor. Walk above the raging storms, run into My Presence for shelter from the wind. Trust in My protection. The battle is Mine, be still and know that I am the LORD your God. I am on your side, what is there to fear from a man created by My breath?



Remember that snakes come out when they are near to the fire, don’t be surprised if they do. Only those who are threatened by your anointing are those who will resist your rise. Shake off the dust and keep dancing. A vehement flame flows from your mouth, accomplishing powerful things. I will be with you in the fire and protect you in the shadow of My Wings. Do not fear the furnace, you have been called to a place of greatness. The best response to criticism is to shine even brighter with a smile on your face. Keep dancing through the fire as you worship. Those who are at first against you will want to know you later. Just stay calm and I will be your answer.



See what happens when you don’t give up, as a dream comes true. Let your validation come from Me. I have told you in advance what will come so that you can rest in My peace as I quiet you with My love. Push yourself beyond the fear and dance as if you were alone. Dance from your knees when you encounter pressure. Abandon yourself into My arms with a full and deep surrender and I will carry you along. The music of My heart mixed with your smooth movements will pull the heartstrings of many, leading them closer to knowing Me. 



Never let the pain of man’s rejection stop you from coming up to your calling. Pain and dancing go together, as ugliness is touched by My Glory to become beauty. The thorns of the painful past have only enhanced your beauty as My rose. You have to pass through the thorns to touch the radiance of the rose. As you dance from your heart, in authentic freedom, the pain disappears. Please accept the call to go higher as you fully trust in My love. Excitement is waiting just beyond the surrender. Confidently put on your destined shoes and come up to your chosen place. O apple of My eye, you were created for this as one that I have chosen”.



Written by Dannette Lynn




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