Love Letters

The Glass Blower



A glassblower designs and sculps glass into beauty. Molten glass was first created by heating substances like ash, limestone, and sand in the furnace of intense heat close to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the blowpipe, the glassblower dips into the crucible, then blows puffs of breath on the molten glass to enlarge and determine the perfect size. The glassblower is an artist, who creates fine details on the delicate blown glass. After the glass is shaped, it must be properly cooled to prevent the glass from shattering.


Like the blown glass, faith operates powerfully when tested in the heat of the fire. Through the purity of the flame, true faith is proven pure and demonstrates power. Faith enables you to do what is impossible through unshakable trust in the Promise Maker. This is a love letter from Papa God, the glassblower of your dream.


“I have made you a dream that only you can fit. Like a glass slipper for your foot. As you withstand the heat of faith-testing, the reward will not disappoint you. With strong attention to every detail, I am the glassblower of your life. My heart for you is for you to experience My intentional love. In the furnace, faith is tested and tried to bring out the dream in your life. By faith, your heart was opened to receive the revelations of My Word.


What I have promised you, I am still going to do. Don’t abandon your dream or let it die. Trust in what you have believed from Me, I am able to keep what you trusted Me with. As you move in faith, you will not be ashamed. Faith brings your hopes into reality and allows your hands to touch what you have longed for. I spoke in the invisible realm that you may give birth to My plans and purposes for your life. 


I will take what was meant for your harm and use it for your good. Someone’s opinion of you does not reflect what is true. You have greatness within you, My blessed and highly favored child. You are more precious than jewels. Don’t become a victim of the insecurities of others. No man can revoke or destroy what I have planned for you. Critics cannot stop your dream or determine your destiny. The forces that are for you are greater than those that oppose you. The same people who disregarded you are about to get a revelation of who you truly are. You are My royal treasure, remember your high value.


In the high place of faith, don’t look down with fear or doubt. I will miraculously transform your reality into a dream come true. Faith tested in the furnace comes out as a manifestation. Your ultimate sacrifice of trust puts a demand on the fulfillment. I will meet you at your faith, your only limit is you. Walk in what you have been believing, you’re closer than you think. What I have started with you, I will finish. I will restore the years that have been stolen. 


Even if it looks far away or impossible, press to believe with all of your heart in My leading. Trust in what I speak, not in what you see. As you move ahead with trust, I will bring fulfillment out of season. Believe passionately in your dream, refusing any trace of doubt. Rest in the One who made your promises, abide in My faithfulness. Fix your eyes on My heavenly realm, by faith embrace My power. Keep your spirit soaring high, it’s time for a new adventure.


It’s no longer time to sweep the floors, let your song of faith burst through. Suddenly the dream I placed in your heart will appear, like sparkling glass slippers from the refining of faith made pure. What I have promised will be the perfect fit, as your dreams become bold and open on the surface. Faith is confidence in who I am for you, take Me at My Word. I will take the glass slippers formed from the heat and place them on your feet as you step into your New Beginning, exceedingly above what you hoped or expected.  



Written by Dannette Lynn





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