Love Letters

Saving Cinderella


A love letter from Jesus.



You don’t even comprehend the unimaginable brightness that emerges from inside you, emitting a breathtaking glow. You are rising to shine out of the cinders as My glory is permeating within you. I have cupped My hand to collect your pain-filled tears as My light dances over the puddles. Your faith is precious to Me, holding the stars of promise with your eyes as you trust every word I have spoken. I will save you and answer your prayers, as your King who comes for you.


I am lifting you up into a new place. I will plant you with tender loving care where the wicked will not oppress you anymore. I have given you everything that I have, including My very heart, This is a moment of restoration and the return of your losses. I love you more than you will ever know. Through every moment, I always hold you close. With hope captured in your heart, yet unable to move. Brace yourself because I am going to break you through. Keep believing because a miracle is coming forth. I will restore you with double and lift you out of the ashes.


Like the cracking of a diamond, what you have gone through has prepared you for this moment of life-changing transformation. Like a Cinderella tale, the villains were part of My glorious plan. A happy ending is coming for you. The breaking has been your breakthrough. You reflect My light to be seen across the land, casting clear images through the pureness of your heart. How great is My goodness and beauty, reflecting My loveliness to you. Rejoice, dearest Cinderella, your breakthrough is at hand.


Written by Dannette Lynn


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