Love Letters

Love Expects the Best



A love letter from Jesus.ย 


Love always expects and believes the best from a person. May your heart be stilled with a quiet confidence in My love for you. Everything will work out well and be okay. My great faithfulness is infinite, stretching over the whole earth. My love is limitless, never-failing.


I will make a way where there looks to be no way. If you don’t put faith in what you believe in you will never reach your dreams. Faith needs action. According to your faith, let it be to you. Permission has already been granted. Nothing will be impossible. Have faith in Me, I can be counted on.


Trust and engage in My word. Hope and expect confidently in Me, believing that I am reliable and good. Be sure of what you hope for and certain of what you cannot see. Believe that I will reward you as you earnestly seek Me.


You are moving forward, not back. From Glory to more Glory. Your best days are still ahead. Don’t base your trust on what happened before. Everything came together for the good of your greater blessings. Inย this life there are sorrows, but there is nothing that My love cannot restore.


This is a new day, be bold in heart and trust Me for more. I am not going to put your hopes to shame. Donโ€™t worry so much, for I am the One who directs your steps. Each step that you take is ordained to bring you closer to your destiny. Some things that you have walked through were only used to set you up to receive all that you have asked of Me.ย 


Enlarge your hopes. Enlarge your belief. I am not like the many others who have failed you. For who can harm you if your thoughts follow what is good? My love is strong and sure. Widen your thoughts to expect the best from Me. Open the curtains of your mind, will, and emotions to exercise your faith. Push past the doubts of limitation.


Stretch beyond the limits that you see, nothing is impossible for Me. I can do so much more for you if you will only Believe. In the place where there were limits before, you will expand to the right and the left. Make room for the extravagance of My love. Is anything too hard for the Lord?ย 


Sing with joy from the barren places! You are going to receive so much more than what you ever dreamed or anticipated. I am your Husband and what is Mine is always yours. There is nothing too big for you.


With a consenting will and a loving heart, and full reliance on who you are to My heart, rest your needs in Christ. In My Word there is power, it is alive. With full dependence in My promises of love, trust and rely on Me completely as the essence of your core.ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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